Strip Clubs: Evil Has Taken Over Lagos

The Archbishop of Lagos State, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, lamented that evil has completely taken over Lagos following the increase in the number of strip clubs in some parts of Lagos State. He called on Governor Babatunde Fashola to act immediately to correct the situation.

P.M.News reported last Friday that strip clubs, where girls danced stark naked have increased in the state, having a lot of patronage from men.

“Evil has taken over in Lagos State. The way things are going, when girls of between the ages of 15 and 25 dance nude and throw caution to the wind with boys and men watching them, then they are sending a wrong signal to the society. It portends danger. We are sitting on a loaded gun,” said Okogie, in a statement signed by the Director of Social Communications, Lagos State, Reverend Gabriel Osu.

Okogie called on Fashola to act now because the strip clubs are on the increase, while those shut earlier have re-opened with impunity and with a change of name.

“I hope this is not making mockery of Lagos as mega-city, Centre of Excellence and City of Aquatic Splendour,” he said.

He called for a ban on gambling in the state as well as prevent people from playing kalokalo game, while under-aged girls should be disallowed from dancing naked in hotels.

Okogie said: “Parents should not allow girls who are supposed to be under their watchful eyes to patronise hotels. It is contrary to the feelings of  the people of the state.

“They are defying government for all intents and purposes. Government must do something now to stem the rising tide of evil sweeping across the state.

“Some VIPs are among them, some top civil servants are with them. They lure innocent girls into prostitution.

“We don’t want Lagos to be spoilt, so we echo the slogan here and now: Eko oni baje.”