The Change we want


I think that its time we used more time in this forum in focusing on SOLUTIONS to these myriad problems facing our nation. But we also need the POLITICAL WILL from those in-charge to implement these solutions. As we discuss the solutions to our problems-lets also find a way of making the political leaders to have the will to implement these solutions. Tanzania  has very good brains and very good plans..But there has never been the political will to implement these plans.

The Very  First step towards a better Tanzania  is the CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW. Let CCM  at least leave office having given Tanzanians  a new constitution. This will form a new basis of the Social Contract for the people of Tanzania. Let the new constitution address institutional weaknesses that most of our institutions have..Let it strengthen the independence of the judiciary..the independence of parliament and institute checks and balances in the government. Let it also have devolution as part of the struncture of government. Once we have a new constitution the next step is RESPECTING the constitution. Sometimes a concstitution means nothing without it being respected. We may have even the Draft but if its not respected then we shall have done nothing.

TANZANIAN PLIGHT-Let our leaders be serious in thinking about the Tanzanian  poor. If Education cant reach the rural areas-why? and can something be done as soon as possible. Why are Leaders still languishing in the country? Can something be done sooner for them? We seriously need leadership that think of the country not of themselves first. Why the National ID  scandal? and how did this happen? The next step is for all of us to embrace the thinking that a Tanzania without all These is a kenya that will be better for all of us .a Tanzania following the rule of law will be better for all of us..I think its as simple as that..BUT it starts with the common Citizen .Lets not buy the lies that some politicians tell us..Politicians must also BUILD TRUST among themselves.

I think its time TANZANIANS themselves pushed their leaders towards the direction that they wnat this country to go. For me a  better Tanzania  I belive will be a better Tanzania for all not just a section of the country. BUT the most important thing is not just talk but PRACTICE. Lets see in 2010 if we vote people based on their POLICIES and not tribe. Lets see if we come together to achive a new constitution. Lets see if this government will fight corruption. Lets see if Citizens  will be helped.

Yona Fares Maro

Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems (MS)

University of Michigan-Flint