The Evil Musketeers as Guardians of the pendulum

As I sat back to look at a pendulum as it kept swinging from one end to the other; I noticed it was always going back to where it came from. Then I decided to use it as an apparatus to study and analyze the recent events in Nigeria. By the time I was done I had proven that the power swing in Nigeria was like a pendulum that was predicted by a few, a fact we refuse to see,

rather we are made to see them as elders. They had positioned themselves at the two ends of the pendulum, and I knew about 6 musketeers that were the guardian of the sacred pendulum for years, and then of a sudden, I saw Jonathan holding up the ball of the pendulum away from the musketeers, then there were shouts of sacrilege: a stranger they gave custody of the pendulum for one year is threatening to hold sway for 5yrs, oh dear! They will have to fight back. They did it in 1993 with Shonekan and it paid off, why is this GEJ trying to outsmart them, and now GEJ is not just being smart, but He is threatening to relieve them of their abilities to guide and decide who stays at the end of the pendulum. In my analyses, Jonathan succeeded in keeping the ball away from their reach: HOW LONG WILL HE?


I woke up the early morning of Saturday, 2nd October 2010 to the realization that the rumoured Independence Day Bomb Blast was in fact a reality. The previous day, the Independence Day proper, while awaiting a Dana Airline flight back to Lagos from Uyo that had suddenly developed a fault shortly before we took off the day before. Rumors filtering into the airport were that there was a bomb explosion at Abuja; I had a strong feeling to discard the rumor as that would not make sense given the day in question. In my thoughts, I felt or believed that the evil one had devised a means of creating panic by sending his foot soldiers to spread the rumor as I was told of his absence at the eagle’s square, what did not occurred to me was the possibility of truth in an actual bomb blast, what a surprise! In fact, there was a bomb explosion. The question that immediate came to my mind was: Why?


As if that was not enough, the issue of MEND accepting responsibility of the blast spread like wild fire into the crannies of the masses, I asked myself again: Why MEND? As if speaking aloud to myself, I knew immediately “It was not MEND” what would they stand to gain? To our knowledge, the government  has been fair to them in the recent past, Then who?, all the perpetrators needed was to take a couple of lessons on how MEND took responsibilities of past destructions of government facilities, but they failed to understand that what was destroyed was not government facility but the lives and properties of the common man. They did not mind, they just wanted to throw the FG and the amnesty-rested MEND into confusion, will it play the trick? Yes it might, No it might not. One thing was clear, there was going to be a warning state of anarchy. Who stood to benefit? Peter Akpobasah’s anger came to my mind “I am very angry with the statements credited to the IBB, Atiku, Saraki and Gusau. I am equally upset to observe that, just as I predicted, the bunch of these idiots would want to rate Jonathan low on security issues and make it look like he is incapable of leading Nigerians. This is exactly what they have done. If there is anything to go by, they should know that many Nigerians can predict their moves in the political game of Chess they are playing”


They smiled to themselves, and toast their drinks. In my thoughts,  I gave myself a clear reason why the evil camp had considered this as an option. At the assessment of events of the post Independence Bomb Blast also known as IBB, it was clear that this camp of the evil one took a while to write the script, rehearsed and rehearsed till it was found perfect.  

The motives of the conspiracy theory would appear to be as Peter said above, these bunch of guys lead by Ciroma though it is believed that the evil one actually came out with the strategy just found out that GEJ the man they conspicuously put in there to kick out later on has decided not to leave as agreed, He has become a problem, if He does not leave, they will lose their grip in the enterprise called Nigeria, and that they have decided not to take. What and how will they go about it? Initially, Atiku was sure once he returns to PDP, power will be his, hmmmmm, that was not to be so, IBB felt that once Umaru is death, and Jonathan sits in, He will walk in and knock on the door then GEJ will hand him the power when he growls, the picture didn’t look so good after the CNN interview, He had to put up a fight, the other man Gusau believed as agreed between him, IBB and Abacha, it was his turn to feel what to be a C-in-C was like, yet he got disappointed that IBB had his plans, he too wouldn’t let go. The battle line was drawn: Who will get this staff of office from this man called Goodluck; something had to be done to have an upper hand.



Then they realized they could not do anything individually as long as this Goodluck was there with all the good lucks coming his way, they had to do something, they had to stand as one to strip him of his good lucks.  The question was HOW? 

They knew the game, they knew how they felt during their stay in power when Nigerians were crying out for security since death is a guy Nigerian won’t be quiet when it approaches, that was a time that governing could be terrible, a time a man could step aside as IBB did, a time a man could be betrayed as Atiku made selfish efforts against OBJ, a time Abacha drank himself out, yes they knew they could create that scenario, but how? Then came a time when the world would be focused on Nigeria, yes even Jonathan has a good reputation out there, they had to make them see why, there couldn’t be a better time yes, the time was ripe. They agreed they were going to:


1)      Shout a warning of insecurity. Motive: To scare aware the foreigners,


2)      Bark. Motive: in other words, “we are serious don’t come here even you Nigerians, you can’t celebrate” they will then watch to see if GEJ will put his tail in-between his legs and cancel the 50yr anniversary of Nigeria, Mission: To ascertain that GEJ is not bold enough to rule Nigeria thereby cannot move Nigeria forward,


3)      Bite Nigerians. Motive: To show Nigerians that GEJ could not as a matter of fact stop them and see how Nigerians eat him raw for not being able to bar or cage the dogs , Mission: To ascertain his strength in times of trouble, Nigerians will be let loose on him, he will not have a choice but to make blunders. They will drink and toast and watch as Nigerians chase him out. It would then be a battle between them on who will be the preferred devil.




Atiku was sure that this will be his best chances, he knows IBB does not have a credibility to stand in the face of Nigerians, he believes he would be preferred to IBB, He was sure he will only have to battle it out with Gusau which he believes is a JJC in the business of getting the masses to dance with him. He drank his wine and threw over his agbada, what a team!



IBB on one hand believes he has a enough followers that believes in him and his abilities to keep them happy as long as he is on the throne. He knows he has foot soldiers that have guaranteed him the acquired electorates, all he needs to do is talk these other guys out of the race, if the say know, and he will refer them to the widows of Vatsa and Giwa and maybe Abacha. He smiled because he was sure of victory.


Gasua, was sure of victory since he knew Nigerian in their right senses will not vote for any of the two, He thank God that in his wisdom, He brought him to the right place at the right time. He rarely smiles, so he took a sip of his wine, looked around to see who he will eventually trust when he is the chief occupant of Aso Rock.


My friends, what these thieves did not know was that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would not fall for any of the first three actions! He was prepared though overly prepared,

First, He ignored their shouts, but called his dogs to look out for the intruding dogs, while he went on his business as usual, his dogs noticed some poison carrier dogs around the area of the events, and took them out, that made them (the carrier dogs to bark) while GEJ’s dogs were busy searching for the remaining dogs, they miscalculated that some of the carrier dogs were still around, before they could take out the last nine, two of them had bitten about 12 Nigerians to death, what a tragedy. Nigerians started the cry as schemed , since he knew the owners of the dogs, GEJ  made efforts to defend his kinsmen when they were accused to have sent their dogs to Abuja, He miscalculated, and hell was let loose, he was betrayed by a money monger kinsman that could sell his parents birthright for money, Henry Orkah.


Not to worry, GEJ understood where he was treading on, and overnight, the miscalculation was recalculated and the answers where put right, MEND did not do it, the known and original MEND came out strong to defend GEJ, his miscalculated speech was decorated and its answers were correct. Jonathan was back on course, the musketeers had lost, and they had to do something, they went back to orkah and made new bargains, an interview was granted, GEJ was discredited, now GEJ had learn the hard way, He ignored them for fear of miscalculated display of anger and confidence, His aides the foot soldiers moved in for the defensive attack, in a counter statement, the TV station took the fall, Orkar was discredited, Jonathan went back to the top. These countered resourceful gestures have heated up the polity in the camps of these musketeers and by extension to the cyber wars of the pros and antis even in the Facebook where I intend to publish this piece.



What would happen in the camp of the musketeers? These men have resorted to the desperations of elders that cannot measure up to the strength of their youthfulness which has been lost to time past. They form a forum as if to remind the youths that they are meant to be respectful of elders, oh dear they make claims of representations as if Nigerians are not satisfied with their representatives at the two houses of the National Assembly. They said in a statement signed by an old crook Adamu Ciroma   “We state, without any equivocation that, as Northerners and as citizens of this country, we no longer feel safe and secure under his leadership.” Hmmmm, wonders they say, will only amaze those that don’t know those pulling the stunts.


When a man that could not provide security even in his ministry sits bold to sign a document written by the one that created the greatest insecurity in the country, what do you make out of it? When a group of people that represent themselves make claims of representing a region that knows not what they are talking about, what do you make out of that? When a smoker that has no cigarette reminds the one with a packet that smoking is dangerous to the health, only to offer to be the one to destroy the pack when he gets home, who is the fooling who?

When a sick and dying man with tuberculoses avoids a man with cold for fear of being infected by cold, who should be avoided in reality? Chief, abi Alhaji or Mista or General (sorry was he in the army?) I think I’ll prefer to call you Elder Adamu Ciroma, if you are not aware that making Nigeria ungovernable is not a unique feature to you and your cabal alone, think twice, Nigerians do not need to go for training to do that, neither will they need a trainer, it is in our blood.


Nigerians really appreciate your efforts, but alas it is time you old fogey to retire and make room for the younger generations. Please ‘if you do not wish to retire voluntarily, we might not have a choice be to retire you involuntarily.


Donald Ekpo