The Painful Elimination of the “Super Eagels”

I am just wondering how fellow Nigerians will be feeling after the painful elimination of the so-called Super Eagles by the South Koreans.Obviously very sad! My wall on facebook has been inundated by friends’ posts which simply reflects total disappointed and how angry they are. I just hope that none will commit suicide. Right before our President,we lost our first game against Argentina in the 2010 World Cup,which is the first of its kind being

hosted on african soil since it commencement in 1930.

The days of Nigeria’s remarkable successes in competitions of this magnitude have been wiped off our memories.To most nigerians,loosing our games against even supposedly weaker teams have become recurrent,usual and a culture to most of us.Many of us will always console ourselves with the records of our past heroic footballers like Yekini,Okocha and the likes.Our hearts have so much been broken in recent times to the extent that many of us don’t even expect anything when it comes to such competitions.We have collectively failed to believe in our abilities and strength because of the chronic debilitating heartbreak.

Particularly in football,Nigerians have depended more on mere luck for success at every level.Where is the place of preparation?Without preparation,one can only achieve very little or nothing.It has been the trend and has failed to cease .We narrowly escaped during the qualifying stages of the competition.The painful aspect of the whole thing is our strong dependence on the defeat of others in order to move to the next level.Can’t we on our own win others to advance?During the qualifying stages,it happened and this time around,we depended on the defeat of Greece by Argentina and a win over the South Koreans but it could not save us this time around.

A lot should be addressed in the area of sports in this country, especially in the area of football.Our leagues need serious attention.Our serendipitous attitudes towards matters of great importance should be quickly changed if we need any tangible result.A friend of mine recently said that nothing good works in this country.Though that was a wrong generalization per se,I still think that he spoke from a mind that has been biased and tormented by the poor situation of things in this country.It is looking like nothing is working but I actually know that all we need for progress are with and within us.We only need to carefully harness them as soon as possible.We seem to be depreciating instead of actively growing.Our country could be said to be having ‘stunted growth’ or in coma.

Resident doctors nationwide embarked on an indefinite strike because of the inability of our goverment to pay their salaries.Even our hostel cleaners are on strike because they have not been paid for about eight months.Imagine the degree of the problem! Today,we heard that eleven members of the Federal House of Representatives were suspended after a chaotic plenary session.We also heard that a senator stabbed his colleague.What is actually happening to us?The worst of it all is our ‘giant of Africa’ claims.What actually makes a giant?We found it difficult hosting the Under-17 World Cup.We almost lost that rare opportunity.We call ourselves eagles but only know how to behave like ordinary chickens,crashing out and breaking our fragile hearts.It will be good for us to know that miracles or let-me-say,magics rarely work in all matters.We really need to learn to prepare seriously.

On african soil,we are being eliminated in turns-one after the other.Some host countries capitalized on the opportunity of hosting the tournament to lift the highly coveted trophy.The eagles failed to manifest despite the promise of a whooping sum of 10000 dollars for any match won.

The mode of selection of our coaches has been a serious challenge.Just as we don’t believe our indigenous coaches,we also fail to trust the foreign coaches to perform.We only know how to appoint today and sack tomorrow.Sorry pity!I wonder how safe Lars Lagerback’s job is at the moment, after the early crash out of the tournament! He may also be on his way out.He only had few months to do the wonders.Does it actually work that way?Even the coaches are remote controlled by our top officials on the choice of players.They act as invisible coaches,determining the fate of most players, either on the bench or in the pitch.

NFF urgently needs serious clean-up.Old and tactless staff should be removed and new vibrant ones installed.The minister of sports should rise up to his responsibilities.We can actually bounce back.It’s our choice.Nigerian s are looking and waiting for a revived eagles and re-branded government that will make us proud again.Which sector can we boast of?NONE for now! No electricity,poor services from telecommunication companies,incessant strike actions,inability to win any team in world cup,commercialised kidnapping,crises here and there…We actually need to be exorcized!