The want to destroy Nigeria!

Quote: “The impression you get is that a group of persons, or groups of persons, have sat down, brainstormed and developed a master plan on how to destroy Nigeria. They seem to spend day and night perfecting and implementing their plans. It seems they have designed a process of economic sabotage, unbridled looting of our commonwealth, abuse and destruction of public institutions, rigging of elections and such like. These groups seem to have a mentoring programme with which they reproduce themselves. They operate at every level – from council, to state, to federal. They have created their own ethnic group, drawn from the 36 states of the federation and the presumed 250 ethnicities in Nigeria. They speak the same language! That is why as one government goes and another comes in and we renew our hope in this country, the new government replicates all the horrors and crimes perpetrated by the previous one. The harder we try, the more difficult, it seems, to get things right”. – Simon Kolawole