Sincerely speaking their is gross injustice in Nigeria with respect to allocation of resources and the conduct of these rulers. These self imposed politicians allocate billions to themselves as salaries, benefits with little left for concrete projects. They even wage war on the spoil “leftover funds”. They buy luxurious cars and ignore the bad roads or do a poor work. They claim ownership of constituency project funds. They are like a plague in great numbers. Their business is import while the bulk of Nigerians waste away due to unemployment. They don’t even pay the actual tax on all their imports and smuggle the bulk of their businesses into the country through the assistance of corrupt officials and porous borders. Nigeria is doomed in their hands, in their numbers she has become a carcass to their carnivorous teeth.
We have seen slaves living like kings, they allow the unschooled children to kill the child laboured over for three decades. Religious and ethnic crisis is a tool of their oppression, they kill to acquire what they have not worked for.
This is not the vision of the founding fathers of Nigeria. This act should be condemned in the greatest term. What we thus need is a CONFERENCE where we decide who rules us and how our resources will be spent towards making life comfortable for all. We don’t need any of the beast, self imposed corrupt stricken rulers of today to be part of the conference, we need the roots of our great founding fathers once again and decent people in our midst and i believe we know such.
My core advice also includes restructuring of all political office holder’s salary with respect to what civil servants earn. This will reduce this wastage by a great margin thus providing money for capital and concrete projects. Also, downsizing of political post should be key towards a prosperous and efficient Nigeria as more than 90% of the present day politician are redundant.
GOD BLESS NIGERIA. ” “her enemies will not have rest”