This Jonathan must act now!

The popular saying that after the rain then comes the sunshine, holds for the presidency as normal life is gradually returning to the seat of power, no thanks to the ingenuity of our governors, members of the National Assembly and of course the entire people of Nigeria who want peace to reign in the country.

No doubt happenings in the presidency in the last one month created room for lots of concern. For a moment it was as if the entire country was at the point of precipice but wisdom has prevailed, the presidency that was obviously fixed against itself is now united again and the nation is back kicking, on the march again waiting for Mr. President either old or new come 2011.

Though the peace was not without its price, the give and take and above all scape goats to bear all the blames for the action or inaction that almost set the nation on fire. At the beginning of the crisis, the former minister of Justice and attorney General of the Federation, Michael Aondoakaa was sacrificed and since then has proceeded on vacation outside the country. And in resolving the crisis, the minister of Information and Communications, Dora Akunyili received the bashing of her life for her utterances which in some quarters was said to be inflammatory. Though she was not removed, she like her counterpart, Aondoakaa has left the country, though as part of the country’s delegation to the 54th session of the UN special commission on the status of women; this could also be described as another form of vacation for her.

The presidency has also shown that it has moved beyond the rancour as the acting president inaugurated three committees to assist in achieving some of the administration’s promises to the electorates. The Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) and monitoring committees on all Federal Government projects and Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

But beyond that, Asorock Watch is aligning itself with our own T.Y Danjuma who on Thursday told the acting president to be focus and do those things that would impact on lives of the people so as not to jeopardize the goodwill he presently enjoys under the present circumstances. Hence the need for him to act, take more decisive actions that would restore respect and eventually national pride to the great people of this great nation.

The acting president must understand that there is no much time left and he would be judged by the things he was able to do within the limited time at his disposal. What the country demands from the Jonathan presidency is not much talk but action in the area of power, implementation of the Niger Delta post amnesty programme and proper electoral reform.

Without mincing words one of the things that the presidency can do to endear itself is the provision of power. This is not a big challenge if the Jonathan presidency is determined to do what it has to do in this direction without any compromise. The excuse of lack of gas should no longer be tenable after all peace has been restored to the restive Niger Delta region.

The lack of constant power supply would continue to make nonsense of every effort to attain the much talked about 20-2020 plan on the simple ground that it would continue to act as a discouraging factor not only to local investors but also foreign investors.

The other issue that needs urgent attention is the issue of Niger Delta. Here the presidency cannot afford to play politics, it is either it implements all post amnesty programmes or it set the country backward, this time it might be too devastating for the nation if the militants are encouraged to go back to the trenches for the simple failure that the presidency could not keep its own part of the bargain.

Also, here in Asorock Watch, we would want to see the acting president work assiduously and sincerely to ensure genuine electoral reforms that will endure the test of time. The need to ensure that our elections are free, fair and transparent, that electorates are allowed to determine who they want- to the point that every vote counts.

Though we have received words of assurance again and again from the acting president on these issues and also noticed some of the actions he has so far taken, like the N19billion proposed shore protection land reclamation projects for communities close to the river in the Niger Delta, still the country awaits genuine and proper action on issues that have hampered the growth and development of this great nation.

This is the time for him to act so that history will record it against his name especially now that his political party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has planned to send him into political oblivion by stating clearly to him that he does not exist in its next political arrangement come 2011.

This Jonathan must not go down unsung when he has the opportunity of doing things that will forever endear him to the people for life. Please just reform our electoral system, fix our power sector and implement post amnesty programmes. We are not asking for too much and you will forever remain a hero. Remember Gen. Abdusallam Abubakar did the simplest thing as a military leader by just handing over to a civilian administration within a record time of 11 months.

This Jonathan must act now! 

By Vincent Ikuomola