Total Radar Coverage of the Nigerian Airspace Project (TRACON)

I am glad to report to you that Nigeria’s airspace is now totally covered by radar as a result of the Total Radar Coverage of the Nigerian Airspace Project (TRACON). What this means is that we now have the technology to reduce air disasters to the barest minimum and to police and protect Nigeria’s airspace from unauthorised entry.

This administration has taken steps to improve health and safety conditions in the aviation sector which has seen improvements that have been noticed internationally as evidenced by the International Category 1 Safety Assessment Certificate recently granted to Nigeria by the U.S Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).
Again, just like the Category one certification, Nigeria is the only country in our sub region and the third country after South Africa and Egypt to have this level of radar coverage nationwide. What this means for our aviation sector is that we will now experience increased traffic with the attendant result that our airlines many of which were affected by the global recession will see business pick up and the sector will start employing again. The multiplier effect on other aspects of the economy can only be imagined.
Already, to take advantage of the expected surge, new terminals are either being constructed or about to be constructed at the Abuja, Kano, Enugu and Port Harcourt airports while a massive upgrade and remodelling is going on at the Murtala Mohhammed airport terminal in Lagos.
Similar safety measures are going on in the road transport sector and are set to be enhanced in the coming year. I want to assure you that the loss of even one life via accidents whether in the air or road is unacceptable to the Federal Government under my leadership and we will take steps to secure our roads and airspace.