Two Ministers To Quit or Be Fired

Two key Ministers in the current Mills administration may have to resign or suffer the ignominy of being sacked by President Mills for receiving bribes from a British Company, Mabey & Johnson Limited, in the mid-90s.

The case, No. 1999 Folio 874 is currently before Honourable Mr Justice Morrison in the High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division (UK) with the British, Serious Fraud Office as the plaintiff.

Judgement is to be delivered by the court on Friday, September 25, 2009. Already, the Directors and Shareholders of the UK company have volunteered information under the new provision of bribery offences in order to plea bargain their case.

The company, by agreeing to pay “reparation” to both Ghana and Jamaica for bribery offences between 1994 and 2000 has admitted guilt of wrong doing.

What has not yet been made public are the names of the recipients of the bribe in Ghana and Jamaica as well as the amount involved because the UK court chose to gag the press.

However, many media houses in the UK have fished out the names of the recipients of the Mabey & Johnson bribe and are only waiting for ruling to be delivered on September 25 before making it public.

Daily Post intelligence is also in possession of the names of the Ghanaian officials involved in this graft scandal. The Ghanaian officials are expected to resign their positions in the Mills government once their names are made public to avoid being dismissed by President Mills who has shown that his commitment to fighting corruption will not be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

At a durbar at Mankessim in the Central Region just a few days ago, he repeated his uncompromising attitude toward corruption when he warned that his government would not spare government officials, be it past or present, who would be found guilty of embezzling public funds.

This is the surest indication to those who would be named in the Mabey & Johnson graft that when their names are made public, they’ll have only a few hours luxury before honourably tendering in their resignation or risk being sacked! President Mills, whose reputation as a man of integrity is unquestionable, is determined to avoid falling into the corruption abyss his predecessor, J.A. Kufuor, found himself knee-deep in throughout his stay in office as President of Ghana.

Culled From Daily Post