UK Judges Judging by Colour; black men smeared

Ragndeidur Holgersdottir: Lured rich men to to an armed gangTwo Icelandic ‘innocents abroad’ who were used in a honey trap robbery laughed after they were given light sentences which will allow their immediate release. Icelanders Aldis Egilsdottir and Ragnheidur Holgersdottir admitted conspiracy to rob

Aldis Egilsdottir, 20, and 19-year-old Ragndeidur Holgersdottir, preyed on wealthy Adnan Choudry, 23, after developing a ‘fatal attraction’ for the ‘very worst elements of London society’.

Aldis Egilsdottir and Ragndeidur Holgersdottir hooked up with a gang of criminals and trawled London clubs looking for wealthy men.

On one occasion, they wooed Adnan Choudry, 23, and lured him back to their Wiltshire home where eight armed men lay in wait.

They beat him up, bundled him into a car and took him to a derelict house in Harrow, north-west London, where Mr Choudry was threatened with a gun and had £350 taken along with his jewellery and designer goods.

Accomplice Aldis EgilsdottirEgilsdottir and Holgersdottir changed their plea at Inner London crown court and admitted conspiracy to rob. Because they have been on remand for 299 days, they were freed from an 18-month sentence. Recorder Robin Pearse-Wheatley said: ‘this is a cautionary tale which unfortunately illustrates how London can be an exciting, international and vibrant city but also a dangerous one.

 ‘You arrived from Iceland on April 6 last year and frankly your time in the country has been nothing short of disastrous. You seem to have a fatal attraction for the very worst elements of London society.’

He went on: ‘You seem to have fallen in with a group of black men which seems to have been the beginning of your unfortunate adventures.

By this statement, Recorder Robin Pearse-Wheatley took away responsibility from these women for their own behaviour, said an observer.

He continued: rather than holding the sluts responsible as criminals that they are, He instead tagged them as victims of the “the very worst elements of London society”.

Adding, “with Judges like this our black men don’t have hope. How will black people ever progress in Britain if our judges tar them with a bad brush”?

The Judge continued; ‘This court can very well imagine the pressures that would have been brought upon you by extremely unscrupulous people who take advantage of people like you. I make the point in passing – your fate could have been worse.’

Icelandic ambassador to Britain, Benedikt Jonsson, was in court to support the women. The judge thanked Mr Jonsson and joked: ‘I hope your volcano stops disrupting our flights soon.’

The diplomat used the ambassadorial limousine to transport documents to assist the defence. The gang behind the robbery have never been caught.The women, of Appleshaw Way, Bishopsdown, Salisbury, admitted conspiracy to rob.

Further charges of robbery, two counts of false imprisonment and kidnap, which they denied, were dropped.

They smiled broadly and could be heard laughing as they returned to the cells.

Just think; if these girls were black, would they have been treated so leniently?