Unhealthy State Of Affairs In Akwa Ibom State: A Clarion Call On The Intrigues Of A Retired SSS Chief

Unknown to most patriotic Akwa Ibomites, the administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio was consummated upon the altar of security lapses and misconceptions. No wonder we have been taken this far in the laxed security situation in the entire citizenry. The reality of the situation is that the state Governor, through a cabal headed by a former SSS director has perfected an arrangement to make the state very volatile in order to create money for his selfish ends.

1 Governor Godswill Akpabio unfortunately surrounds himself with cult boys with the unproductive advice of a one time Director of the State Security Services, Mr. Sadiq Dalhat who after assisting Godswill Akpabio rig his election into office, got him to do what he ever advised.

2 It was Sadiq Dalhat who masterminded the coming to office of cultists Kenneth Okon as chairman of Etinan LGA and Micheal Etim as Chairman, Itu LGA.

3 Sadiq was the one who advised the Governor to balance power between the different cult groups in the course of his appointment of Special/Personal Assistants. That explains why the likes of Emmanuel Ukoette and his peers got into positions of authority. Same for Prince Ukpong Akpabio and others who cared to join in.

4 After getting the Governor where he wanted him, Sadiq got the Governor to engage him on a private consultancy arrangement when the State Security Services booted him out of office. The Governor engaged him and he promised he will provide the normal liaison with the National Security Adviser at the time Alhaji Mukhtar, but rather was in the habit of misdirecting/misappropriating all the funds he collected from the Governor and claiming he offered the monies to the NSA, thereby undermining security reports on the true situation in the state. This eventually led to the collapse of the security situation in the state and helped to set in motion those incidents that has brought us to this state of kidnappings, killings and others vices we now have to confront. 

5 Because of their different roles in the election rigging of the PDP primaries, the trio of Sadiq Dalhat, Mr. Azubuike Udah, the then Commissioner of Police in AKS, now AIG Zone 2, Iboro Idim currently servicing in Kaduna training school and Prince Ikim, a dismissed D2 in the State Security Service, have erroneously assumed an uncomplimentary advisory security role for the AKS state Governor/Government under the guise of a security consultancy outfit called Ultimate World Security LTD. With Rc number 808926, which Sadiq Dalhat and his cohorts have used to siphon on average of N195million every two months and to date almost N2.6 billion has been spent under this cover since the inception of the Akpabio Administration. Iboro idim and Prince Ikim serves as their blackmail agent. A good example of this is in the role they both play in Amb. Sam Edem Saga. All paper and monies relating to Ultimate World Security LTD.

Are rooted through one Emmanuel Arthur, a close Personal Assistant to Governor Akpabio.

6 In a characteristic nature of settlement, Mr. Sadiq Dalhat has gotten the Governor to settle him with a mouth watering N500m in three phases of Rural Electrification Project in Nsit Atai under his company cover of Malo Naggee Investment LTD totaling N1.5 billion to accommodate both Iboro Idim and Prince Ikim, for a his rigging role during the primaries. Mr. Azubuike Udah, the CP at the time is also settled with a Rural Electrification job to the tune of N270 million. Then, while Alhaji Tafida, the Chairman of the PDP primaries in Akwa Ibom State is also given a compensatory job to the tune of N250m, which the cunning Sadiq deceived him and bought it over from Tafida. Iboro Idim is benefiting from all these illicit deal far beyond his income as a D2 in Service.

7 Sadiq’s overbearing connection and attitude has made the Governor almost a stooge of this ” Crook”, in the sense that the Governor has mortgaged the security of the state into the hands of cultists, kidnappers, assassinators and ” what have you”. Characters like Etetim Anwatim, a PA to the Governor on Project Monitoring, Mr. Don Etim, a Commissioner in this administration, Emmanuel Ukoette, a Special Assistant to the Governor on Environment, Mr. Kenneth Okon Chairman Etinan LGA and others very well known cultists and sons of the gun who go about the state inflicting all manners of discomfort on innocent citizens through their killing, kidnapping, and individual maiming, sometimes under the guise of Local Government Task Force on one frivolous issues or the other. Only to be perfected and covered by the administration on the spurious advice of the security consultant Sadiq who incidentally is the one who

“breeds” these people.

8 To confuse the Governor the more, and make him believe all is well, Sadiq undermines the National Security Adviser and the office of the State Security Services by collecting huge sums of money from the Governor under the pretext that such monies are always sent to the NSA; whereas he misappropriates such funds to his personal use.

9 Through the scheming of Mr. Sadiq Dalhat, Governor Akpabio is made to believe he could arrange a chieftaincy/ traditional title for the present National Security Adviser, Mr. Aliyu Gusau in order to arrange a conduit through which they could be close the same way he did with Mukhtar through Mr. Lily, the present State Director of security in Ekiti State.

10 An issue worthy of note and which the attention of people need be drawn to is the arms deal involvement of Mr. Don Etim, who tried to double cross those militant boys and they decided to attack his residence sometime last year. Don’s retaliation led to his arranging the elimination of those boys in different locations in Port Harcourt under the pretext that those boys should come and take their money using official cover. All the boys were from Eberi-papa group; and Eberipapa still hold a strong grudge against Don Etim and the AKS Governor for maneuvering the security to suppress the case. AS an offshoot to this saga, and with the scheming and intrigue of Sadiq Dalhat, Dr. Chris Ekong was named as the one who organized the job and he unfortunately got roped in after Mr. Azubuike Udah, had been paid the sum of N50m by Don Etim to fix the case as wished by the Government.

The deal was meant to checkmate Dr. Ekong who they presumed was getting too large politically; and may eventually team up with Senator Udoedeghe his kinsman. The said Chris Ekong assisted the SSS in arresting armed robbers which led to the discovery of an Ak47 ammunition and 30 round Browny pistol which Mr. Sadiq did not handover before his departure. The armourer has at then, Mr. Ekpo Bassey Ekpo one of Akpabio’s detail; currently serving as the counter Assault commander carefully deleted this from the inventory report of the SSS.

Don Etim, the man who employed Hero Ezegwogwo and Prince Ikim now in police detention in Port Harcourt is Still roaming around and has not been arrested to confront his boys, why then should Don Etim not be arrested while the innocent Chris Ekong is in detention, which Governor Akpabio has voted N1bn to make sure that Dr. Ekong dies in detention, while making efforts to pull out Prince Ikim and Hero Ezegwogwo the claimed “Boyloaf” of AKS, since they have a lot to confess about the Port Harcourt arms deal of Akpabio and Don Etim. Upon the security situation in Akwa Ibom state, it should be noted that if these characters were not being checked by security agencies before the 2011 elections, there would be a serious blood bath in the state.

11 It is necessary and advisable that any operative taking a brief from the aforementioned persons during investigation needs to know more than what is mentioned here because there are many intrigues to those issues than what meet the eyes. 

Etienne Friday

Onna, AKS