The World Wide Web has brought the world closer together.  No longer do we have to accept biased or one sided information from third parties.  The web has brought each of us into the homes of others.

Here in America, black men, women and children were passionate for our love and longing for Mother Africa.  As a child I had brain storming sessions with my friends about the virtue and history of Mother Africa.  Television showed us the primitive, the weak, the poverty of Africa and the internet showed us the actuality of Africa We had begun to know you better, my ancestral brothers and sisters.

One day the Internet brought the Devil into my home and guess what; he was not the “Whiteman”.   He came with a sympathetic and desperate plea, he asked my family to make a sacrifice for him and he begged and pleaded and assured my family that “God” had brought us together.  He constantly invoked Gods name and spoke of honesty and transparency in his pleadings to my family for assistance.  My wife and I did what we had never, ever done before, we “TRUSTED” him.  Little did we realize that his God was not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Little did we realize that he was a Disciple of Lucifer & Satan the worshipper of the “almighty dollar”, a practitioner of the occult.  

We had never heard of 419 and never thought that the devil dressed in the wool of the lamb celebrated and prayed to false gods and practiced blood sacrifice, treachery and deceit.  We eventually discovered the demons who visited my family despised God and Jesus Christ because in their minds my “God” is a weak God and my “Jesus” a false Prophet Little did they know that they were Gods chosen people and they were created in his image and they were given the first chance amongst nations to accept him, instead they rejected his covenant.  Some wonder “why” Africa was so backward.

The continent that gave birth to the world. Imperialism and colonialism played a part but mainly it was the rejection of Gods”covenant” which cursed the land and its people. The world will always look upon Africa as the Dark Continent, not because of the color of their skin but because of the color of their heart and soul.  Look around your nation, the politicians, the police force, your army, your neighbor; can you truly trust any of them? “NO”, they are the faces of demons, selfish, self serving and murderous. 

Africans have begun to export their Black Souls into the homes of countless numbers of people all over the world.  The Internet has given them access to homes and by using the word of God they gain entrance. Lucifer came dressed as a “lamb”.

We Black Americans are the ones who have loved you most, we have prayed for you, worried for you, and harassed our government to care for you.  You come to our cities and we help you get settled, we teach you the rules of survival and parade you in front of our friends and neighbours.  That is because we loved you and were proud of you, you   represented the lost history and culture we never knew and never had, but, we did not know you.

The Internet is teaching us about you and the more we see the more we begin to realize, “We don’t know you”.    Are you Coming to America?, Do you want to come to America The Nigerian Elite love coming here and hob knobbing with the Americans.  They love the luxury hotels and resorts we have to offer, the modern way of life, our celebrities and athletes, the reduced stress and easy living conditions. Why can’t they do that for Nigeria

To the poor and poverty stricken (99.9%) of you are, we say don’t look toward the West for salvation look at yourselves and your government.  You are a Nation blessed with natural resources (oil).  Take a good long look at your Satanic Government, they are not in place to serve you the people, they are servants of Lucifer & Satan placed in a position to destroy you, Gods first born and beloved sons & daughters.  You were his chosen long before there was an Israel; you were made in his image, to be humble, innocent, virtuous and forgiving.  Satan has corrupted your heart, tainted your mind and your soul, your view upon life has been turned the color of your skin.  “Wake up Africa, Wake up!”

The Scammers sending heartfelt emails out of your country and the expatriate scammer doing the same from other countries are exporting this vile stench into the homes of people who trust Africa. I have heard many; Africans excuse the scams as deceiving the greedy, the foolish, and the gullible.  They laugh in contempt and distain that they have no remorse because “the scammed brought it on themselves” (lol). “How could one be so stupid, they say it is obviously a “hoax”?  For anyone to answer that question you must first walk in that person shoes.  If you really think about it these people are your nations “Last Hope for Redemption”.  The reason they bought into the scammer’s lies and deceit is because they trusted and believed them, regardless of their motivation.  The scammers are committing a sin against “Humanity” a direct insult to “GOD”.

If you the people do not take a stand Nigeria will go the way of Sodom & Gomorra.  You will never gain the Respect and Standing in the World.  The world will never turn its back on you it will never “TRUST” you. Africans broke Gods covenant once do not be foolish enough to do it again.  Stand Strong in the spirit of your ancestors and resist the temptations of Evil. 

I am a black man living in America, I have no proud history, no enduring culture, and I don’t even know who I am or what part of Africa I was stolen from.  I am your lost child and my love and longing for my mother Africa made me a victim of your dark side.  You hurt me deeply, and you hurt my family.  I do not believe my two sons will ever grow up loving and “trusting” Africa as I did.  This is the seed you are growing world wide, it is well known that your country in spite of all its natural resources has chosen to export these demons to other nations and because of that  it has become Nigeria’s third leading Gross National Product (GNP).  


You are quickly becoming a “Disgrace to the Black Race”