Walks against corruption to be held in 5 PN Guinea cities

Papua New Guinea’s annual walks against corruption are being held across the country this weekend with thousands of organisations, including businesses, schools and individuals taking part.
The Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption, is a series of fund raisers for Transparency International PNG.
But it also aims to raise greater awareness of what has been called the systemic corruption affecting the country.
The chair of TI, Lawrence Stephens, says the event is getting bigger every year and this year will be staged in five cities.
He says the walk will include sponsored teams who’ll push for people to turn away from corruption and try to bring about change.
“They have companies sponsoring them and those funds come into the endowment fund [for TIPNG]. Then there are school children who walk. And they also get sponsorship from companies. There’s the Youth Against Corruption – there’s a whole range of different people all who come out on this occasion.”
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