We did not take $10m Bribe- David Mark

David Mark

One of the first rules of the media is: Do not believe any news until it is denied!

Senate President David Mark yesterday denied each Senator received $100,000 bribe to facilitate the confirmation of ministerial nominees.

Reacting to the point of order raised by Senator Garba Lado (PDP, Katsina) during Yesterdays plenary, Mark maintained that none of the 109 senators received any bribe as alleged in some media reports at the weekend.

Mark said: “I think that it is very unfortunate. This sensationalism is totally unnecessary. But really, I have not received $100,000, no senator here has received $100,000 and no senator has distributed $100,000.

“We have warned about the media going to town, for whatever reason, I think they should please try to assist us because they have a responsibility towards this democracy. They have something at stake in this democracy.

“The blackmail is totally unnecessary. Your point of order is sustained and it is referred to the Committee on Ethics and Public Petitions.”

Lado raised the issue under Senate Standing Orders 14 and 15, claiming that he did not distribute or receive any $100,000 to facilitate the ministerial screening and confirmation.

Lado said: “As I was coming in, I was approached by a group of journalists to comment on the allegation that ministerial nominees flooded Abuja with dollars and that one senator from Katsina and one senator from Kebbi are distributing $100,000 to each senator.

“This is an embarrassment and blackmail to me, to my colleagues from Katsina and Kebbi and to the entire institution. My privileges have been breached and that of my colleagues as someone who induces my colleagues to act in a manner other than they are required in the circumstances.”