Welcome To Lagos – Another Unbalanced Documentary About Africa?

To: BBC – A documentary is academic material and should therefore offer its audience a balanced argument i.e. balance the negative aspects of Lagos state against its positive aspects. Yes Nigeria has many problems like any other developing country, however this documentary shown on 3 nights (15th, 22nd & 29th April 2010) had three opportunities to portray different themes, given that there

were three parts to this documentary. It has clearly chosen to neglect three opportunities and depicts only one reoccurring theme focusing only on “Poverty”. We therefore believe that this programme has or will therefore exacerbate negative perceptions that many individuals or groups may have about Nigeria.

This might just breed stereotypical images in the viewers minds as to what to expect from Lagos , Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

For example, Mark Freitas as part of the BBC News showcased a report on Brazil ’s development on 27th May 2010 which was a more balanced view of Brazil as it highlighted Brazil ’s slums but also how the economy is fast developing and the positive effect this is having on the people of Brazil .
Documentaries about Britain usually showcase the London eye, the Gherkin and Canary wharf, whereas there are extreme places of poverty such as in Liverpool, including issues around teenage pregnancy, high unemployment, drug abuse in places such as Salford, Brixton etc but these places are very rarely shown outside of the UK.

As a result of your unbalanced documentary we would like the BBC to revisit Nigeria and showcase the development and the other side of life in Lagos. We have Victoria Island, Victoria Garden City, Aja extension, Lekki, the new construction of Atlantic City and many more beautiful places.

As Africans living in the UK and BBC licence payers we should demand that Africa be portrayed in a fair and unbiased way we cannot go on funding these derogatory and offensive representations of our nations as a whole.

If you agree with this statement please sign this Petition and forward onto your friends and colleagues, so that we can then forward our protest to the BBC.