What? FG may use Juju on Niger Deltans

Peoples of Nigeria, listen to this: 

“Air vice Marshall L.E. Arariye, coordinator of the Presidential committee on implementation of Amnesty and Rehabilitation of Militants said the panel could engage the services of native doctors to reintegrate repentant militants into society.”

 Boys, make I interpret this for una. Dem plan to make una muumuu using Otumokpo!

But first here is the story:

A suggestion on Tuesday that a role may be found for native doctors in the implementation of the Presidential amnesty for Niger Delta militants caused a stir among stakeholders meeting in Port Harcourt.

Air Vice Marshall L.E. Arariye, coordinator of the Presidential committee on implementation of Amnesty and Rehabilitation of Militants said the panel could engage the services of native doctors to reintegrate repentant militants into society.

He spoke at a stakeholder’s interactive meeting at the Hotel Presidential.

However, Christian leaders at the event raised an alarm but Vice Marshall Arariye quickly reassured the participants, saying his comment was on a lighter note.

But he insisted that spiritual leaders would be involved to get repentant militants reintegrated into the society.

Arariye announced that the amnesty proclamation by President Musa Yar’Adua was unconditional and was an amnesty for freedom and development and there will be no cash for arms.

He also said the process would be in three phases including: disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation.

The chairman disclosed that Rivers State would have four collection points instead of 14 and that the committee will not give specific locations until a week to August 6, 2009.

Arariye said that from the collection centres the repentant militants would be taken to a demobilization centre, and stated that military officers would be commandants of the collection centres.

In his contribution, President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) Mr. Ledum Mitee stated that what militancy feeds on is the general perception of injustices and lack of development in the region.

Mitee insisted that there will be no solution to the Niger Delta crisis until the issues that led to militancy were addressed.

The MOSOP leader wondered why N50 billion would be budgeted for the rehabilitation of militants while the same amount was budgeted for the Ministry of Niger Delta.

Mitee said amnesty should not be an event in itself but part of a process to address the Niger Delta question.

Honourable Uche Onyeagocha, counsel to the leader of the Niger Delta Vigilante Group, Comrade Ateke Tom, told the committee that Ateke is willing to meet with the committee even in his camp and promised safety of his guests.

Onyegocha said Ateke houses were being occupied by men of the Joint Task Force (JTF), and requested that the military vacates the buildings as part of confidence building.

He also demanded that the ongoing constitution review should increase the derivation formula from 13 per cent to 50 while federal government should attempt to solve the problem that led to the current crisis in the region.

Rivers State Deputy Governor, Engr. Tele Ikuru said the average Niger Delta man is angry and to address the Niger Delta issue the people should not allow criminals to hijack the struggle.

Ikuru insisted that the Niger Delta struggle is not a criminal venture and the tag of militant should not be extended to criminals and opportunists.

According to Ikuru, Niger Delta agitation is a struggle for resource control, infrastructure and human capital development and not about the kidnapping of a three year old girl.  


You see,

Make una see the matter with Nigeria vs Niger Delta ooo!. Make the native doctors first cure Nigeria mouth for calling our ND boys criminals. This Arariye fellow na “flying saucer?” Which plane him don sabi fly before him call himself Air Vice marshall? So this is Nigerian’s Marshall plan for Niger Deltans? Stupid talk from AVM! I say make una FIRE AM with immediate effect and disband this Amnesty nonsense!

We don cure una small of the use of the word “CRIMINAL” to describe the boys. The next wahala na the one wey una want dey talk say “Ogbanje” abi na “Wintch” dey worry Niger Deltans, for agitating for their rights. This is over the bar overall insult to all Niger Deltans! Wetin “baba alawo”or “biribo” or “Dibia” get for this matter except FGN want to roger dem with their own budgetary allocation, all from NDM budgetary allocation?   

I don talk am ……….na craze dey worry Nigeria and this President UMY, na mugu!

The spiritual leaders should first make sure, Obasanjo, IBB, Abdulasalmi, Danjuma, Ibori, Igbinedion return all their loots before asking the ilitnts to repent.