Why I Oppose Soludo as Governor

The decision to come out against Soludo’s candidature (Chukwuma Soludo: starting on the wrong foot)

is not an easy one as he is an Anambra shining star. I was an ardent supporter of Soludo until he started to derail. In an article I wrote on April 12, 2009 , captioned Who would perform better than Professor Soludo? I argued strongly for his second term as CBN governor, but I added:


“In as much I agree that as a free citizen Soludo has the right to aspire to any political office of his choice but I consider his dabbling into politics an ill-advised move. I had cause to criticise his immersing himself in the politics of Anambra state in the last election. He sponsored a PDP candidate for the Aguata Constituency in the House of Representatives. Andy Ubah was so pissed off he sponsored a rival candidate from the Labour party, Hon Umeoji Chukwuma who won the election.

“At a time that the capital market is in virtual collapse; the external reserves are being depleted; the naira has crashed; the spectre of inflation and spiralling unemployment are palpable; the fear of bank failures rises and Soludo’s legacy is being rubbished, getting involved in politics is distracting to say the least. Must every Nigerian be a governor, a senator or a president? Getting involved in politics when you are the high priest of government finance has the tendency to be corruptive”, I concluded.


Today, his desire to be governor has led him into the company of disreputable characters; this should be deplored by all that love him.


Moreover, who indeed advised him that he could win PDP primaries? Has he bent down to look at how to win delegates? Does he really believe that Turail, Mangall and Anenih would deliver the votes to him? Can’t he see that winning this coming PDP primary is not a question of funds or how much money you can spend? Why do you thing Andy Ubah is not keen to compete? Who pushed to sully and taint his hared-earned reputation? Does Soludo have the structures to garner the votes?

Look at the delegates who will elect him as the PDP candidate: former Speakers of the House of Rep who are still PDP members; former Senate presidents who are still PDP members; former governors and deputy governors and deputy governors who are still PDP members; members of the National Assembly and State House of Assembly; Zonal Executive Chairmen; PDP Ambassadors, Federal Ministers, Chairmen of Parastatals and Permanent Secretaries from Anambra State; 3 elected ward delegates and the gubernatorial aspirants.


Soludo has not canvassed these people, he never met them, and they don’t know him except on TV. And how does he intend to woo them, with money? If he brings truckloads of money, Annie Okonkwo, Andy Ubah and co will bring trailer loads!


This Anambra election, especially the PDP primaries, would not be won by Abuja influence, nor with money alone, will the battle be bruising!


If you know him please tell him to consult again and not mess up himself! Let him follow the path of Ngozi Iwealla and Oby Ezekwesili; many International organisations will treasure his services.


We cherish Soludo, but not with the characters he surrounds himself with, just to be a governor!


Those that have written to ask why despite my earlier support for Soludo and his policies at the CBN, I now lambast him now have an answer. 


In fact Soludo’s later day policy somersaults, condescending statements, talking up the economy and flip-flops i his last days as CBN governor could be traced to his political ambition. Politics always have a tendency to corrupt.


I have lived in Anambra State all my life. I don’t have anything personal against Soludo, but to have the former Central Bank Governor, Mr Charles Chukwuma Soludo surround himself with thieves, Looters and Locusts that have arrogated to themselves the task of determining Anambra future. That to me is a profound mistake and like I wrote, reveals a corrupt persona.

To have Soludo replace Emeka Offor, Chris Ubah and Arthur Eze with Chief Anthony Anenih, Turai Yar’adua and the notorious smuggler and Yar’adua associate, Alhaji Mangal is completely unacceptable. I will do anything possible to prevent it.

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Daniel Elombah
(A Nigerian Perspective on world affairs)