Why Ogbonna Onovo was removed as IGP and the Bayelsa Connection

Ogbonna Onovo was yet to attain the statutory retirement age of 60 when he was retired. However his recent flagrant disobedience of a court order under the guise that the court had no jurisdiciton over the case may have been his nemesis. Obviously President Jonathan had never been satisfied with his performance and just needed just one blunder by Ogbonna Onovo to get rid of him….and Onovo guffed and so Jonathan kicked his behind.

And as a very smart politician President EBELE AZIKIWE Jonathan did not have to think twice on putting  Major General Azubuike Ihejirika in place as COAS to counter any blacklash over  Onovo’s removal from the Southeast.
I beleive Onovo is a Lawyer and he ought to know the right process if he disagreed with a court order. It will be recalled that as NDLEA Boss Onovo was  once required to answer a court summons.He responded with his large motorcade and a large contingent of heavily armed combat Policemen and literally invaded the court.Apparently he never learnt his lesson so he has joined the league of ex IGPs.
Ehmm. The new IGP Hafiz Rigim was Commissioner of Police in Bayelsa when Goodluck Jonathan was Governor.Hafiz Rigim is junior to some of his collegaues and his seniors will have to retire.Interestingly he was in Yenegoa when DSP Alameisegha was impeached as Governor. At that time Uncle Sege was President and wanted Alamesiegha out at all costs and then COMPOL Hafiz Ringim was the man on spot to ‘bundle’ him out.  Is it not interesting that he has been chosen as IGP to ‘assist’ in the up coming elections.
On DSP Alamaesiegha,many don’t understand he was a bloody retired Military officer very much junior to General Obasanjo who wanted to deal with him at all cost for challenging Oga.
Mazi  Uzo Obi