Yar’adua is free at last!

Turai Yar’Adua, your husband is dead. I hope you are happy now. You never gave a damn about him- About his health, about his well being. All you were interested in was to remain in power in order to enjoy the splendor, influence and usual ostentatious lifestyle of a president’s wife in Nigeria.

That’s why you refused him the dignity of stepping down when his illness aggravated.

That’s why you dragged his long suffering body from Nigeria-through the sands of Saudi Arabia-and back to Nigeria. That’s why you formed the “cabal” to keep the mild mannered Goodluck Jonathan from ascending to the throne of presidency.

That’s why you forced your husband to speak to BBC Hausa Service on the phone where he coughed all through the phone interview.

That’s why you spread presidential money around to strategic places in order to stop all calls for his resignation.

That’s why you ignored the Saudi doctors repeated appeals and smuggled your comatose husband back into Nigeria-like contraband in the middle of the night and locked him away in Aso Rock Villa. That’s why you became a weapon of mass distraction.

That’s why you pulled one stunt or the other-so that you will remain in office as first lady and to enable you to continue stealing like a full blown kleptomaniac you are.

Since November 23 2009, you held Umaru Musa Yar’Adua hostage in various undisclosed locations-banishing everyone from seeing him . . . even his weeping mother; Even his vice president.

In the end, he is dead. He is now a spirit.

He is free! Free from your evil clutches and manipulation.

Free from all the cabals crawling over Nigeria.

Free from his evil children and in-laws who quietly stood back and watched.

He is free to avenge his death. I don’t know the future.

I didn’t come here to tell you how your eternal suffering is going to end.

I came here to tell you how your eternal suffering is going begin . . .