Yar’Adua’s health worsens, collapses at Hilton Hotel

…May be flown abroad again for treatment 

Musa Yar’Adua

President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s suffered a seizure midway into the ECOWAS Heads of State meeting at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja over the weekend and was rushed to the Hotels toilet for treatment. 

Only recently, the President was believed to have collapsed in Bauchi State while attending a ceremony organized by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to welcome Governor Isa Yuguda, an in-law to the President who decamped to the ruling party.

The President’s recent attack fuelled speculations that he might need further medical treatment overseas.

President yar’Adua who was chairing the meeting of the ECOWAS Heads of State, was said to have had the seizure and was immediately rushed to the hotels toilet for treatment. Sources say he did not return for the closing ceremonies.

Sources told that a retinue of doctors who have become regular members of the President’s entourage immediately went into action administering first aid treatment to the sickly President.

Top security sources disclosed that the President who spent over 30 Minutes with his doctors was later rushed to the Presidential Villa where medical facilities worth over N2Billion had been installed for the President.

After about two hours, sources said, the President was fully revived but could not attend the photographic ceremonies with other heads of state at the end of the meeting.

It would be recalled that in August 2009, German and Saudi Arabian Doctors had warned the president to reduce his heavy work load because of further deterioration in the condition of his kidney.

President Yar’Adua has been diagnosed with Churg Straus Syndrome, an inflammations of the Blood vessel, a Kidney problem and yet to be confirmed Pulmonary Fibrosis for which he has at various times visited Saudi Arabia and Germany for treatments  


Omoba says:

Quoting LaCrown: 

YAR’ADUA IS A TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE NATION. His continuous clinging to power that prevented the right decision that will benefit the well meaning citizens of the nation is a gross indiscipline. ALL agencies and govt parastatals under his watch are suffering. EFCC and Waziri are just shadows of themselves. Nothing seem to be working in the nation. It is still surprising to me as a person why all the technocrats and the brains around him would not advise him otherwise. WHAT A SHAME TO THE NATION 


To this, the idea of emotionalizing his sickness should be thrown off the back door. His refusal to resign and let someone else take over the helm of affairs of the nation is a gross misconduct and his last days on earth will be worse than the day he was born if care is not taken. He’s a heartless man full of greed and avarice. It should be clear to everyone who cares to listen that the happy days of this man is over. This sickness is enough for anyone to take care for the rest of life than to add the uphill task of the nation’s numerous problem. He’s no different from the likes of the Killer IBB and the stubborn Abacha that died like a chicken.


WHAT A WATSED GENERATION IS SURFACING IN NIGERIA DAILY. One cannot say the nation is perishing for lack of knowledge. God has given this nation all that is there to possess as a country but just a handful few are turning everything upside down. if not, how can folks like Ibori not rottening in jail?  Tis a shame….. 

Quoting Dominic:

Am sorry for his health, but isn’t he already running for SECOND term? Na waaa!