Peter Obi has Proved that Majority of Nigerians are Honest People

POEM Jubilates…Most Nigerians had given up hope of Nigeria ever becoming a nation where right things are done the right way. The labour of our heroes past, going by the status quos, had not only been in vain but also been completely bastardised in ocean of CORRUPTION. During military eras we screamed and screamed for Democracy. Twenty-four years into an uninterrupted Fourth Republic and our dear nation is slipping under and drowning deeper.

But HE Peter Obi came like that lone voice in the wilderness. The political class, well, majority actually, knowing how rotten they have plunged the country into, laughed at him and publicly chided him that he had no structure. Structure of what? _’Structure of criminality’_ , as the great man personally described it. He couldn’t have been more apt and incisive.

From _’four people tweeting from one room’_ , Obi’s messages continued resonating and reverberating across the wilderness to homes across the nation and beyond. The name, _’OBIdient’_ came from nowhere and stuck quite indelibly. The message was not only different, the manner of delivery also couriered a welcome relief. There were clear practicality, evident honesty and believable intent. The members of the old order did not believe what they saw but they believed, on the other hand, that their _’structure’_ would prevail.

Whatever the result as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC is not the issue here. The issue is that Nigerians, majority of them, are honest people…so admiringly so that the people without any monetary or material inducements, defied all the disenfranchisement, intimidation, mental and physical assaults, all manner of attacks to come out to vote for this man, who promised a new Nigeria.

By INEC data and results declared, only about 10% of the total populace voted. Out of that percentage, about 30% voted for LP. By law of statistics, that is about 60 million Nigerians out of the total 200 million people believing that a new Nigeria is what they want. It is quite overwhelming! A huge thing to celebrate about! It is a proof that given the right leadership, Nigerians will become law-abiding, honest and generally conscientious in their engagements. Hence, CORRUPTION was man-made and NEVER a Nigerian way of life as has been globally misconstrued. Nigerians anywhere in the world should embrace this statistics to tell whoever cares to listen that majority of Nigerians, via the recent presidential election, have proved they are not corrupt.

And this 30% is cut across zones, across ethnic groups, across religion, across gender and across all classes of people.

It is equally believed that this 30% is across all professions and professionals. The foregoing is true, despite that the university academia were hugely found wanting during the election and collation where hitherto revered professors evidently falsified results. Yes, but the legal profession that has far more stakes as the third tier – The Judiciary – has very clearly shown more progressive-minded attitude throughout this particular transition process, right from the days of campaigns.

Out of the Judiciary arm of government, it is hopefully expected that the 30% of this group that want a new Nigeria will talk loudly enough to be heard. They are the final arbiters that will decide the choice between the new Nigeria and the old order that has decimated the nation to a standstill. A choice between a disunited nation and a united entity working in harmony with one another irrespective of ethnicity and religion! This choice should not be hinged on any divide being favoured. Let justice be free and equitable.

We know this 30% is far more but we are being law abiding until court decides the accurate percentage.

This is POEM.

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