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$20m Fraud: US Concocted Allegation to Checkmate Air Peace – Source

Fact emerged that the United State of America (USA) may have concocted allegation of illegal transfer of $20 million against Chairman of Air Peace Nigeria, Allen Onyema to checkmate growing of the company to international destinations.

Although, Allen Onyema had denied the allegation against him by the US government in a press statement.

But, a source closed to the aviation industry and workings of money transfer explained that the allegation was fabricated in order to stop Air Peace from coming to America.

The Source said, “They don’t want him to come to America In view of the managerial prowess of the Airpeace, growing volume and buying of planes every day which no African man or company had tried before, the American aviation won’t condone healthy competition with it on American routes, hence to stop the Airpeace now before it’s too late.”

The source wondered how could Onyema forged is that he forged paper to buy Airplane from own company in Georgia. How could this be true?

“how could over 20 million dollars left Nigerian shores without the authorities in Nigeria knowing the destination? They didn’t say that the money transferred emanated from questionable sources, but from a Nigeria bank. So how could Ide who is a transferor defraud a transferee bank in the USA”, The source wondered.

The source further explained that US must have seen Air Peace as a treat to their aviation industry and they can do anything to protect it.

The Source Americans are too intelligent, sees the future more than we do and do not play with the source upon which they sustain their economy. They can even trade their best of friends and customers in so far as there’s no threat to their economy. My hope is that, by the grace of God, our own, will come out of this, unscathed and stronger. “

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