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$25b, Army Vaccinations, IPOB Proscription, Aisha Ahmad, Igbo Presidency, Ors ~By CK Ekeke 

Python Dance, forceful vaccination of school children with contaminated syringes/poisonous vaccination is another level of evil against Biafrans.
President Muhammadu Buhari

$25b NNPC Contract Scam, Army Vaccinations, Monkey Pox, IPOB Proscription, Aisha Ahmad, Igbo Can Never be President of Nigeria And Other News – Commentary by C. K. Ekeke 

As a writer and commentator on global issues especially as it pertains to Nigeria and Africa, I’m inundated with calls, emails, texts, etc., to give my opinion on some of the current issues going on in Nigeria and around the world. Here below is the list.

25b NNPC scam: Nigerians can now see the hypocrisy in Buhari’s anti

Videos: Panic in Anambra, school children run home in fear of Army vaccination

Ooni condemns proscription of IPOB – Punch Newspapers

Why Igbo man can never be Nigeria’s president – Junaid Mohammed

IPOB threat to boycott Anambra governorship election on November 18th and referendum date for Biafra people

How Aisha Ahmad Jumped 7 Superiors To Emerge CBN Dep Governor

Top on that list is the NNPC $25B contract scam and Buhari’s ethnic regime.  I’ll find time to write a detailed piece on Buhari’s leadership incompetency. But for now, I just want to say in a nutshell that Buhari’s corruption, deception, hypocrisy, and nepotism stink to the high heaven.

IPOB threat to boycott Anambra governorship election on November

$25 Billion NNPC Contract Scandal; PDP Accuses Buhari Of Hypocrisy In Anti Graft War

25b NNPC scam: Nigerians can now see the hypocrisy in Buhari’s anti

Today, I watched a Sahara Reporters interview of the former director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, who passionately “believes that President Muhammadu Buhari is alone in the fight against corruption in Nigeria, as many high-profile public office holders and officials are corrupt.”  

He went on to say other things which are not only incorrect and ridiculous but as well as ignorant and cowardly. 

I’m not sure what’s wrong with Black Africans including the so-called intellectuals and scholars! Why can’t these men and women speak the simple truth or with facts.

I know that my comments in this forum and articles in the wider space come across as someone ethnically biased or hater of the North and SW.  That’s far from the truth.  In fact, some of my closet friends and colleagues are people from the North and SW. 

Moreover, my ancestry cut across two states – Rivers/Abia. Today, my area is partitioned and lumped into three states – namely Akwa Ibom, Rivers, and Abia.  It’s hard to claim which State to belong to.  

I have had two uncles from the same compound who were commissioners respectively in Rivers and Abia States at the same time.  That’s the area I come from.  

The point of all this to make it clear: we all want a Nigeria that is working.  We all are proud to be Nigerians and want Nigeria to be what’s supposed to be – “giant of Africa,” where Africans and other nations can come to attend college, do business and enjoy our rich diversity in way of tourism. 

But unfortunately that has not been the case.  We have had our own share of challenges of nation building, civil war, and so on.  Fifty-seven years after independence, we are still gyrating in vicious circles. 

Those imposed on us to lead and govern this humongous nation have failed woefully.  Ethnic hatred, religious intolerance, incompetency and other factors have hindered the progress of Nigeria.  That’s the truth. 

Now, it is worse under President Mohammad Buhari.  I do not have any personal grudge against the man.  In fact, I have two uncles and one brother-in-law who have worked with Buhari – in the 1970’s, 80’s and recently when he was the leader of ANPP. 

There’s this perception of Buhari as a corruption czar but that is far from the truth.  The man Buhari is the most incompetent and corrupt leader in Nigeria.  And the irony is that he steals using his cabals and surrogates and each time, they sweep it under the carpet. He told us he does not own anything, yet he owns mansions in Abuja and his cattle business is all time profitable.  His wife owns one of the finest and biggest boutiques in Nigeria and all his children school in England.

But aside those:

1.       Who will forget the $2.8 b that got missing when he was PTF Chairman and later Petroleum Minister?  My uncle, one of the earliest engineers that returned from England in those days served under Buhari then as MD of NNPC.  That uncle was denied Petroleum Minister because he fought for Biafra – even though he was instrumental in the carving out of Rivers State from East Central State with the late Alfred Diete-Spiff, an Ijaw from Bayelsa State.  

2.       Another uncle of mine who still runs his international shipping business, worked closely with Buhari when he was GM of NPA. 

3.       Buhari was Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) Chairman during Abacha.  $2.8B got missing.

4.       Now as President – we are now reading about the NNPC contract scam in the amount of $25B.  A company belonging to Buhari’s current Chief of Staff received a $13B contract out of that $25B.

We are now reading about reconciliation meeting going on between the President, Petroleum Minister and NNPC MD.  This will also be swept under the carpet as always when it comes to Buhari. 

Buhari’s corruption, deception, hypocrisy, and nepotism stink to high heaven.  His incompetency is also glaring. 

For this so-called renowned Kenyan legal scholar, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba and other Buhari surrogates and supporters exonerate him from all this, is cowardly, intellectually dishonest and mind boggling. 

Buhari is a tyrant, a hypocrite and the most corrupt Nigerian ruler. He’s just very deceitful. The so-called Nigerians should wake up from their slumber before Buhari bankrupts Nigeria with his illiterate cabals and Islamize the country.

Like Abacha and others like him, Buhari too will come and go and Nigeria and Nigerians will move on.

Monkey pox spreads to 6 states

Videos: Panic in Anambra, school children run home in fear of Army vaccination

Pandemonium in Anambra over Army vaccination program, schools shut down

On the issue of medical outreach by the Army in the Southeast region and monkey pox that has spread to several States now in SE/SSS region.  

When few cases of outbreak surfaced in Bayelsa State last week, people suspected it was the Army medical immunizations and vaccinations of last year that is now manifesting.  

The Information Minister denied that allegation saying that Federal Government did not inject any monkey pox virus to children in South-south.  

Instead, he made an insulting statement saying that Igbos eat monkey meat and that’s why they are getting the monkey pox.  But the fact is that these monkey pox are only manifesting among children who were vaccinated by the Army last year. 

But the question is this: where on earth do the Army give medical screening, medication and vaccinations? Are they trained to do so? If indeed they’re trained, why can’t they go to the IDP camps and north where urgent care and medical attention are needed? 

I do not know why the Nigerian Army should be the ones now vaccinating school children instead trained professionals like nurses, doctors, or other medial professionals etc. 

The Army should engage in what the constitution mandates them to do – to protect the nation from external aggression – not immunizations and vaccinations.  As I write, Boko haram is waging warfare with Nigerian military in Gwoza community of Borno State., Northeast region. 

If the Army are looking for what to do, they should engage in repairing the broken and dilapidated roads in the SE not vaccinating children, women and the elderly in the region.  This is a region, they have been massacring pro Biafran youths. 

Today, we read and watch school children running away from the soldiers, some broke their legs and others sustained all kinds of injuries while running away from Army immunizations.  

Parents are in pandemonium over the Southeast, withdrawing their children from various primary schools in the region. 

The governor of Anambra State has called the Army to halt the vaccination but it looks the Army refused but invaded some schools in Anambra and forcefully vaccinate the vulnerable kids with poisonous vaccinations.  This is awful.

I do not understand why SE/SS leaders and politicians are not outraged about this.  When did the Army become nurses and doctors?  This is the same government that will not allow any medical equipment – medicines, syringes, ambulances, etc. to be brought into the country by NGOs. 

This is the time, our people must wake up and stop this satanic conspiracy to exterminate Igbos and Biafrans in Nigeria.  It’s time to stop Buhari and this satanic agenda against Biafran children and young people.  This is outrageous and insanity.

The truth is that Hausa-Fulani hates the Igbo Biafrans and want to exterminate them from Nigeria. They are using marginalization, program, genocide, sending us all into captivity in foreign lands so that they can take over our land and abundant natural resources that God has endowed us with. 

And now, they are using biological and chemical warfare to massacre future Biafran children.  Buhari is hastily exterminating Igbo Biafrans and turning Nigeria into Islamic country and no one is talking. Other Nigerians are not talking and the global powers sucking our crude oil are not even talking either. 

We, the people must resist this because our politicians and rulers will not. We must do whatever within our powers to fight for our freedom before it’s too late. 

If Buhari atrocities are not stopped, before he’s done, Biafrans will be vanquished and his islamisation agenda will be nearly completed. This the truth not false allegation. Nigeria will either be Islamized or disintegrate.

Ooni condemns proscription of IPOB – Punch Newspapers

Ooni of Ife visits Abia and disapproves with the proscription of IPOB – Nigerianeye

The Ooni of Ife is an honorable man and fearless leader.  He has spoken the godly truth and nothing more.  Only in an underdeveloped and uncivilized country like Nigeria will a group seeking self-determination of their people be tagged terrorists. 

These same group of APC politicians fought tooth and nail against proscription of Fulani herdsmen and labelling of Boko haram as a terrorist sect.  They even bribed some Western diplomats and fought international community for labeling Boko haram a terrorist jihadist group.  

We all know that Boko haram is a radical Islamic sect that has been terrorizing the Northeast region and have massacred thousands and rendered millions homeless – today camped in several IDP camps in the country.  

Today, Fulani herdsmen are walking around the length and breadth of Nigeria with their cattle, cows, AK 47 and assorted weapons massacring unarmed villagers, raping girls, and women.  This government will ignore all that to proscribe the activities of IPOB and tagged them a terrorist organization. 

This government forget to understand that IPOB is an organization that’s spread around the globe and rightly seeking self-determination from Nigeria.  

They openly rally in advanced and civilized societies without problems.  Thankfully, the UN, EU, US and others have condemned such illegal pronouncement. What a shame Nigeria has become before the global community. 

o IPOB threat to boycott Anambra governorship election on November 18th and referendum date for Biafra people – Nigerianeye

Voting is a civic right.  Even in advanced democracies only about 60% of registered voters cast their votes.  In true democracies, citizens protest against politicians or policies by refusing to cast their votes.  So, I support any action by IPOB to get a date for referendum.  Like the Kurds or Catalans, they can set up a date and properly notify the Federal Government, UN and international community about their desire to decide their future in Nigeria.  Voting is not by force.  After all, all these years, people have been risking their lives to go and vote and the politicians have not done anything for the people.  Casting ballots in Nigeria is a risk and waste of time because the peoples’ votes do not count.  The election is already decided and politicians loyal to Sokoto Caliphate are imposed upon the people. So, voting in most Southern Nigeria is simply a waste of time.

o How Aisha Ahmad Jumped 7 Superiors To Emerge CBN Dep Governor

Here again, we see Buhari’s nepotism and lopsided appointment.  This Aisha Ahmad, I read was promoted to be director in the morning and later same day in the afternoon, she was appointed Deputy Governor of CBN.  If she’s confirmed, she will likely take over from the current CBN governor when his time is up next year.  Even though I do have any problems with this appointment, because she’s highly educated and qualified, however, it was not done by merit.  I have always supported women in position of leadership.  We will be watching how she runs the CBN and her financial and economic policies.  

o Why Igbo man can never be Nigeria’s president – Junaid Mohammed – Dailypost 

There you have it from Junaid Mohammed who speaks for the north and Fulani caliphate. Here is one-Nigeria for you, one Nigeria in which the Fulani jihadists take the crude oil from my backyard, when I complain they send the Boko haram Army and Fulani herdsmen to massacre unarmed villagers. 

I want to see how Southerners especially Igbo political prostitutes and slaves expecting to be president of Nigeria one day will respond to the nonsense statement by this Fulani terrorist. They are being deceived from the pit of hell. 

Just this past week, the Muslims gave six-point agenda for restructuring Nigeria.  And top on their list is for Sharia courts to be established all over Southern Nigeria (SW, SS & SE).  

The reason is being that Muslims live in those regions and they want them to be tried in Sharia courts and not Western Christian courts.  Nigeria is doomed because of crazy and illiterate people like Junaid Mohammed. 

This is a country you want to be part of – a lawless, failed and corrupt country filled with so much religious ignorance, ethnic hatred and violence. 

The Nigerian Army operation Python Dance and their so-called medical mission of forceful vaccination of school children with contaminated syringes and poisonous vaccination is just another level of this evil and wickedness against Biafran people in Nigeria. 

May God of heaven save His people from this evil and murderous people!

Rev. Dr. C. K. Ekeke, is a theologian, author, consultant and leadership lecturer.  He is the President of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

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