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Is Udom Emmanuel a cultist? – By Gideon Ekere

It’s no longer news that the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel last week welded a big stick against secret cult activities in the state. Most worrisome is that, that isn’t the first time the governor has lambasted cultism within his domain since his assumption of office barely three years ago. He first told us that secret cult members will not have a space in his government, but reports have it that most of his appointees belong to one secret cult group or the other. Ironically, they’re still serving the governor with their cultism membership intact even after the governor reportedly ban their activities.

Apart from the few element who have hijacked both the nomenclature and activities of cultism to suit their demands, the initial concept of cultism was not for wickedness. In the tertiary institution, we are told that there are cults groups mostly meant for male students, while there are some mostly for the female students. These various cult groups are usually in conflicts with one another during which many of their lives including those of the innocent nonmembers are lost. What is known as secret cult in tertiary institutions today started at university college in Ibadan many years ago. It was formed by Nigerians like noble laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka, Aig-Imoukhuede, Pius Uleghe Raph Okpara, Nat Oyelola and Prof. Muyiwa Awe. Their main objectives was to abolish convention; to revive the age chivalry; to end tribalism and elitism. Their idea was both patriotic and altruistic as it was not imagined as a secret cult. It was simply known as the pirates confraternity or the national association of seadogs. Their objectives which revolves around the maintenance of polite behavior among the people of different background and chivalry, has been turned into satanic venture. What we experience these days is a deviate from the norms. Gangsters have taken over the whole concept. It is as bad as the obituary announcement of a medical doctor.

Cajoled by their nefarious activities, Governor Udom Emmanuel decided to strip them off their coast with a total ban. Going by the governor’s action, though it’s a good move, but one would be forced to ask and possibly demands to know how the governor knew the names of those ‘secret cult groups.’ How did he know to the extent that they exist in secondary school? He knows their levels, stages and categories. Does it mean that the governor was aware of their activities and never care to say it out? Or was he waiting for them to start killing before he take such a decision. Does it mean that the governor belongs to one of the groups? Because it takes a witch to recognize a witch and possibly match their actions.

What is required now is action, not pronouncement. We expect the governor to quantify his words with a match pass. Everyone within must be made to declare openly. That their hands are not stained with the issue at hand. Because if it must stand, then it must first start with those on top. Let those around him publicly declare that they have nothing to do with cultism. Knowing too well that when they do that, it speaks a greater volume. It tells us that the game has begun. It means that they will stop paying dues. They will stop financing the innocent young ones. They will stop misleading them. They will stop sending the newly recruits in an ‘errand.’ meaning that there will be no more clashes. No more killings and unrests. No more kidnapping for ransom. It’s a deal that must be signed by all.

The activities of cultism in Akwa Ibom State has always been a lucrative one during election periods. Desperate politicians will seek for their partnership. Empower them with weapons, but fail to disarm them after the elections. Leaving members of the public at their mercy. And it has been so deadly that one has to ‘belong’ before he could be counted among. Any non member is regarded as a flatman. A man without bone, without flesh and without blood. He is an outcast and should not be trusted. The ban on the cult activities by the governor is a welcomed development, but what modality has Udom Emmanuel put in place to actualize that? In my assessment, immediately after the pronouncement, the idea died even before the governor ended his speech. This is because the governor is reportedly surrounded, protected and advised by cultists. Meaning that the governor’s statement was a beautiful skeleton with no conscience.

One question keep on ringing in my ears. How will the governor end cultism in Akwa Ibom when most of his allies are accused of cultism? How will he end cultism when most church founders and elders who recently endorsed him are reportedly members? How will he end cultism when the various groups endorsing him are allegedly headed by cultists? How will he end cultism when we’re told that most Dakkada Ambassadors working for his re-election are members of different cult groups? Meaning that the governor’s hands are tight and down-casted. The story is everywhere, anywhere. Every seven, out of ten people are cultist. That’s the ideal. Now, we are asking, will it ever end, when the governor is being pillared by cultists? And at the same time, we’re told that there’s a ban on their activities. The story is so pathetic and worrisome. Because we’ve been deceived.

After the pronouncement, can we boldly say that cult clash and incessant killings will end in Akwa Ibom? Can we say that dominant peace will return. It is an expression at the opposite because insecurity is not all about cultism. It’s not about their existence. It’s not all about their activities. It’s about our leaders who, after failing to live up to their expectations, begin to point accusing fingers on others. It’s about failed campaign promises. It’s about wrong and unfaithful leaders. That’s the game plan.

As we all know, membership of cult groups are of types. One could be a financial member. He could be a member by patronage. He could be a member by association. He could be a member by activism. He could be a willing and independent member. Now, going by the various ways of becoming a member of any cult group. Is it proper to say that our governor is a member? Because he’s a patron to many groups and associations. Until it’s answered, lets know that the ban was a created to cover-up their foibles.

To the younger ones, when you join a cult, you are following the wishes and desires of your master. And not yours. You are just a foot soldier who will be sent to fight and die and do all their dirty works. Do you see any of the so-called leaders going anywhere with you? How about their children. They’re all abroad studying in good universities with conducive environments. They send you the expendable cult members. You are expendable indeed. If you become incapacitated or die you’ll be replaced, simple as that and nothing else.
Whilst undergoing these rituals do you know who or what you are really swearing allegiance to? The cult? But what powers the cult? What powers, spirits or demons do they use during initiation ceremonies? Without a doubt you aren’t told what is used that is a secret the masters keep to themselves. And what are these ‘powers’ going to do to you should you decide to leave the cult and when you finally die? You’ve all heard stories about people who try to leave the one cult group or the other.. Let’s think before the worst happen!

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