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29 facts about what is happening in Oyigbo ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke

1: Obigbo is the stronghold of IPOB where policemen, soldiers and stations were burnt. There is retaliation from the military, culprits and Innocent ones are victims.

2: Nnamdi Kanu claimed responsibility for the attack on Nigerian security forces for killing Nigerians in Lagos. He ordered his oath held volunteers to attack.

3: Nnamdi Kanu threatened to kill more soldiers if they are sent to any part of Biafra land.

4: Rivers is the capital of Nnamdi Kanu’s version of Biafra.

5: Soldiers activated man hunt of every IPOB members in Obigbo.

6: Soldiers said they are looking for missing guns and as the guns are in the wrongs hands, they want to nip situation in the bud.

7: Wike alleged IPOB was responsible for the killing of soldiers and policemen without citing Nnamdi Kanu’s radio broadcast.

8: Igbo leaders and social political organizations denied Nnamdi Kanu’s utterances.

9: Wike proscribed IPOB in Rivers and placed 50m Naira bounty on the head of a Rivers indigene he alleged led IPOB members to attack and kill Nigerian forces.

10: Nnamdi Kanu placed 100m bounty on Wike; urging IPOB members to murder Wike.

11: Wike unleashed soldiers on the arsonists and attackers in Obigbo; going house to house search of IPOB members.

12: IPOB members are being arrested and murdered as alleged by IPOB members. IPOB couldn’t deny allegations against them.

13: Obigbo has been deserted; blood is flowing and soldiers have no respect for human lives.

14: Nnamdi Kanu has not made further threats or pleaded or engaged the governor. Instead, he is arguing Obigbo and Oyigbo.

15: At a time people were dying in Obigbo; Nnamdi Kanu was busy granting Interview to Dele Momodu. He finally said vengeance belongs to God.

16: Nnamdi Kanu could not talk about the killing in Obigbo as his main subject; rather, he enjoyed his usual rants in the interview with Dele.

17: No measures have been put in place to address the killings in Obigbo.

18: Nnamdi Kanu released UN numbers for his members to call for help.

19: Nnamdi Kanu has not apologized or told Wike that he was not serious with the 100m bounty but only whining his mouth.

20: IPOB members being murdered are solely the fault of a talkative leader who lied he has what it takes to engage soldiers.

21: Igbo leaders are now ready or already engaging the governor of Rivers.

22: These Igbo leaders are the same leaders Nnamdi Kanu accused of killing Igbo Youths.

23: There is hope peace and tranquility will return to Obigbo.

24: Nnamdi Kanu tried to blackmail the governor of killing Igbo people to stoke up tribal disunity.

25: Soldiers are killing the people of Southsouth and Southeast respectively because they are Biafrans.

26: Southsouth and Southeast are Biafrans- could be members of IPOB, MASSOB, BNC, MOBIN and they are victims of the onslaught in Obigbo and not exclusively Igbos.

27: The governor mockingly agreed the narrative of targeting Igbos because Igbos in other parts of the state are safe and he did not expect anyone to believe that poor narrative.

28: Rivers has taken enough of Nnamdi Kanu’s idiocy and will no longer allow IPOB to exist in the state.

29: Rivers is organically Biafra; for being part of the Eastern people that attempted separation is 1967.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- investigative/independent journalist

Writes from Enugu


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