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Ezekwesili, Yesufu, Others Launch Red Card Movement

“Fiercely passionate believer in the public good of nations”, Madam Oby Ezekwesili, Aisha Yesufu along with other human rights activists have launched the Red Card Movement (RCM) to, according to the group, ‘fix leadership problem’ in Nigeria.

The group launched the programme in Jos on Friday.

Speaking during a post-JOS launch on Tin City FM, Madam Ezekwesili said that it is time “to wake up”.

She further said that “there is no reason why Jos should not upgrade economically” and urged Jos residents to “determine the quality of leadership that will occupy the office going forward.”

She then explained that ‘PVC is the Red Card’.

See Red Card Movement tweet:

Meanwhile, on its website, in a manifesto titled “Mobilising Citizens To Fix The Leadership Problem”, Red Card Movement stated its mandate viz:

Without good leadership, no society and people can become great.

Every right-thinking citizen in Nigeria knows that the problems of corruption and mass poverty, which have stunted our political, social and economic development, over several decades, are a direct consequence of bad leadership, at all levels of governance.

Nigerians have suffered, for far too long, from bad leadership in the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government.

Finally, millions of citizens irrespective of gender, ethnic group, language, religion and region are rising in tandem to declare that “Enough is Enough” of bad leadership.

Some of the citizens that are completely fed up with bad leadership have come together to form the Red Card Movement (RCM).

The members of the movement have decided to take up the responsibility to mobilise citizens to fix the leadership problem.

We, and the massive population of voters that the RCM is mobilising, shall exercise our right to vote, in an intentional and deliberate manner, in the 2019 elections.

Our goal is to redefine the parameters for leadership in the polity, which would consequently improve the quality of governance.

See attached photos of the Movement in Jos on Friday:

@Aisha Yesufu speaking at the event

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