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35 doctors test positive for COVID-19 in Kwara


Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has disclosed that 35 medical doctors have so far tested positive for coronavirus in Kwara State.

Speaking with journalists on events marking the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) 2020 Annual General Meeting in the state (AGM) in Ilorin on Monday, the chairman of the association, Dr Kolade Solagberu, said although 35 doctors have been tested positive so far, but the association had not recorded any casualty among its members

Kwara NMA chairman, who cautioned residents of the state that COVID-19 is real, added that they should disregard rumours saying the pandemic was only a money-making avenue for the government.

”Residents should help the doctors to help them by not paying unnecessary visits or consultations to hospitals.

”For now, people should avoid visiting the hospital except for life-threatening issues.

”We advise people to engage in e-health service instead of physical consultation to avoid contact as much as possible.

”People should stop unnecessary visit to patients in the hospital. Those who follow a patient waiting to be attended to, are not encouraged for now.

”You should just help us to help you because the less the number of patient we attend to, the less the chances of spreading the virus.

”This is because every patient is a potential COVID-19 case,” he said.

The NMA chairman commended the Federal and State governments for continuous closure of schools, adding that safety should be paramount until the coast is clear.

According to NMA Chairman, we applaud Federal government for continuous closure of the school across the country.

As at 7 p.m on Sunday, Kwara state has 401 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 208 active patients, 179 persons discharged and 14 deaths.

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