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Presidential Candidate Mbonu Visits Washington for Consultations

Condemns Attacks in Plateau Nigeria, Vows to Salvage Nigeria


Washington-trained, Abuja-based Nigerian Presidential Candidate Hon. Okey Samuel Mbonu returned to Washington DC this week, for consultations with leaders of the US Nigerian diaspora, and US dignitaries; regarding the state of affairs in Nigeria.

Mbonu in his remarks after meetings in Washington DC strongly condemned the violence in Jos and Plateau State, which killed over 100 innocent persons.

Mbonu speaking at the reception in his honor by the Nigerian Community in Washington, DC, (3 & 4) Nigerian-American Dignitaries at the Event, (5) Mbonu (in white shirt), welcoming guests to the Event

He said that the government of the day must be held accountable for such a horrific and mindless slaughter of innocent persons.

In an interview across from the White House, with veteran Journalist Sarah Weiss, Mbonu stated that the entire world is now watching Nigeria, like a wounded hawk watches its off-spring.

He predicted that it would not be business as usual for the murderous attackers, who he said should have been stopped by the current authorities before they committed the mayhem.

Sam Okey Mbonu for President

Mbonu bemoaned the obvious lack of political will by the current government to contain the security situation.

He announced that his government once elected in 2019 would put a permanent stop to the insecurity in the country.

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