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45 days to BNG live broadcast — Nigeria failed to correct the mistake of 1967

One of the commanders of Biafra National Guard


When something repeats; it is no longer a mistake but negligence or deliberate act and that is what present situation of Nigeria versus Biafra is all about.

Nigerian leaders failed to move the country forward after the war. It is a shame they could not bury killings- which was the major cause of 1967 war and today’s agitation is aimed at survival. The people of Biafra have the right to fight to survive- to avoid going into racial or political extinction.

Fulani herdsmen are on the prowl; killing and maiming the people of Biafra which rightly substituted the massacre that forced late Ojukwu to declare the state of Biafra as first line of defense.

Northern Nigeria took over power through Gen. Gowon and properly began strategic ethnic cleansing- resulting to inevitable war of defense. Today; North took over power in 2015 from the same Old Eastern Nigerian territory and politically began another ethnic cleansing.

It was believed by external interests that 1967 was too early to call- divide Nigeria and as such, they took side with Nigeria and killed over 3.5 Million Biafrans through, air, sea and land blockade to keep Nigeria one. There was a time-factored superior argument to believing Nigeria would work for the Southern and Northern protectorate in 1967 but time has proven we were all wrong.

The artificial science that water and oil can mix is simply the foolishness of Friedrick Lugard who amalgamated Nigeria- hoping to alter nature. The result of going against nature has led to millions of deaths and how long shall we continue to watch while mankind in this geographical area suffer avoidable deaths?

The war of 1967 was too early; decades later, it cannot be said any military action is too early; instead, it is long overdue. The mistake made by Frederick Lugard that late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu tried to correct has proven to be a lasting mistake that must be corrected or we are consumed by it.

Corruption in Nigeria has made change or repentance impossible. By keeping people of different ideology, culture and religion together, benefits corrupt people. There is no other way but divide and putting the greater interest of Africa before personal or state interest. The people shouting one Nigeria are those benefiting from the failed state and it is time for the common people to show determination.

Nobody can look back at history and say the people of Biafra have not endured much and sacrificed more than any other people to make the union work but the more they try is the more their lives go in for it. There is always the doctrine of divide along regional, religious and ideological line, how on earth can there be understanding or unity?

The world must look beyond the veil today and admit they made mistake by supporting Nigeria in 1967. It is a shame that more than five decades later, Nigeria strode back to the 1967 situation. Gen. Philip Effiong clearly warned Nigeria to treat the surrendering Biafrans well or risk repetition and today, his prediction has finally dawned on us.

Nigeria saw surrendering Biafrans as prisoners of war against the R,R,R that was reached as compromise to end the war. They took in the people and denied them everything that was agreed. Today, the people are back to basics and Nigeria will never remain the same. Nigeria refused to learn from their 1967 mistake by retaining Biafra as a conquered territory and the price will be huge.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Activist And Investigative Writer

Writes From Enugu


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