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48 days to BNG live broadcast: Time to start to believe

One of the commanders of Biafra National Guard


BNG led by an experienced military expert announced a live broadcast on 27th of October 2021. While we wait for the address to Biafrans; it is crucial to know that the man behind BNG is more or less a deaf and dumb who prefers actions to speak for him. When all hope is lost and faith at zero; God loves to show his power to men.

You have lost faith in Biafra being a sovereign state. A good number of you believe we can only shout and wait for God to perform a miracle from nowhere. Many believe the highest we can achieve is restructuring. Some believe we are only into business when we mention Biafra. Others believe we take advantage of Biafra agitation for political reasons or to protest the corruption and stigmatization against Igbo race.

But there is always a difference when Biafra is in the hands of a military expert and when in the hands of a bloody civilian. During the time of late Ojukwu; Biafra existed for three years but was eventually re-annexed and since after late Ojukwu, it has been a point of faithlessness and a political game.

The difference between a military expert and bloody civilian is fear and they also have different fate. During the time of late Ojukwu; he used his personal wealth to declare and defend the sovereignty of Biafra for three years in an effort to stop ethnic cleansing that swept across the country in 1967.

All the bloody civilians that have embraced the agitation for the restoration of Biafra had fear and that fear consigned the struggle to political, peaceful and diplomatic waste. They had all the money needed to launch any kind of offense they want. They had all the money to defend Biafra but because of fear; they resort to stories and reasons.

Most times; you hear them telling you how military approach would cause the death of people, while statistics show they have lost more souls than late Ojukwu lost at the very time of their complaints. They tell stories of how they see referendum to conceal their fear for what needed to be done to a third world parent country.

But with BNG under the leadership of an expert soldier; it is time to start to believe and change the narrative. Innocent Orji led military wing of Biafra agitation should not be left like we left late Ojukwu to carry the burden of Biafra and everything solely on him. Because; in the end, late Ojukwu lived while those that left him to carry the burden lost their lives. BNG needs all the support we can give to draw a line against the enemy.

In Asaba; people stopped believing and embraced the enemy, but instead of live, they were massacred by the enemy. There is no option now but to believe because Biafra is changing gear and a different ideology is taking the mantle. There is always time for an ideology to come to fruition and the time of Biafra is now.

BNG’s ideology is all about breaking the chains of fear and taking that giant stride nobody had the courage to take. BNG is all about taking the rare courage that runs in the vein of late Ojukwu; and with the military wing of Biafra agitation finally announcing to address the public on 27th October; it is enough to start believing. Do not wait; even a faith as small as mustard seed, we can move this mountain together.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Activist And Investigative Writer

Writes From Enugu


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