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6 Reasons why Buhari is Nigeria’s worst president in history


It soon turned out that for all deafening noise of change, enthusiasm & messianic halo woven around his head, Buhari was looking back not forward. 

On the 31st of March 2015, the then president Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat in advance of the final declaration of results. 

It was an unprecedented act of good faith in a continent packed with sit tight leaders. 

Indeed, it was also an unprecedented election being as it was the first time an incumbent had suffered electoral defeat in Nigeria’s chequered history. 

Running on a campaign of change, vile propaganda, a manifesto loaded with stunningly ambitious promises and aided by a coalition of opportunistic Southern leaders—Muhammadu Buhari the presidential candidate of the APC emerged victorious after three previous attempts. 

But there the crisis begins. 

It soon turned out that for all the deafening noise of change, the enthusiasm and the messianic halo woven around his head, Buhari was looking back not forward. 

He had neither a great vision nor agenda for Nigeria. 

His presidency was only articulated on reinforcement of northern domination/bigotry, propaganda, a dictatorial disregard for the constitution, an unwillingness to listen to anyone, a plot to decimate the opposition and a disposition to be vindictive; to punish past and present foes. 

Undeniably, these strategies have been at play in the last 16 months and the result is a paralysing recession, insecurity, ethnic divisions, mounting unemployment, abject poverty and total lack of direction in what is now the worst government in the history of the nation. 

Evidently, Buhari has been more a victim of his bogus promises, hate/bigotry, propaganda, unwillingness to listen to counsel and sheer incompetence than anything else as outlined hereunder.  

(1) Tribalism/Bigotry 

Tribalism and bigotry are fault lines that have dogged us through our history and in no small measure arrested our development. The world has also noticed. 

Whether from Encyclopaedia, CIA world fact book, the United Nations or any other relevant agency; Nigeria is always introduced as a nation with deep ethno-religious divisions. 

As proof, these divisions have led to Africa’s first pogrom/genocide being pioneered in our clime, a needless civil war, Sharia riots, Maitatsine riots, Boko Haram terrorism, Fulani herdsmen terrorism, Niger Delta/IPOB militancy and routine ethno-religious conflicts. 

Against this backdrop of historical and ever widening ethno-religious cleavages the first test of a Nigerian leader is how well he navigates and manages these existential fault lines and in this critical test Buhari is the worst president in the nation’s history.

He took the unprecedented step of opting for an Apartheid style government of exclusion. 

Almost exclusively packing his cabinet with his northern kinsmen in total disregard of the nation’s delicate diversity. 

He is by consequence the most tribal, insensitive, parochial, nepotistic and bigoted president that ever walked our shores.  

It’s no surprise that universal outcries and condemnations   have trailed his appointments and self-determination groups are proliferating by the day. 

It’s also no surprise that the 2016 Failed States Index lists Nigeria the 13th most failed state in the world and the 8th most failed state in Africa. 

This is a decline from previous years, and a clear indication that state failure has intensified under Buhari’s Apartheid administration.  

It’s important to note that some of the most important reasons for which a state becomes classified a failed state are group grievances or disharmony within a state. 

More broadly, group dissent, uneven development and or marginalisation constitute fundamental markers or pointers to a failed state.

Thus, not only did Buhari’s obnoxious policies of exclusion violate the constitution; it further deepened Nigeria’s ethnic divisions. 

For a fragile nation desperately in need of a de-tribalised nation builder, Buhari dealt the greatest rebuke to the very idea of change that had animated his campaign when he  resorted to pursue an Apartheid style government in total  disregard of  the nation’s diversity and as it were opting for exclusion and nepotism rather than inclusion and nation building. 

This is today one of the undeniable reasons why he is the worst president in our history. . 

(2) Economic Mismanagement and Recession

 Nigerians are now reeling in an unparalleled recession, but how did we get here? Economies like markets are run on confidence. 

Once a new president is elected the markets watch nervously for the policy direction of the new government. 

The friendliness or unfriendliness of the policy to a large extent dictates the stability, growth or recession of the economy. 

Buhari started failing in this regard by refusing against all expert advice to constitute his cabinet quickly. It eventually took a record 7 months to appoint his ministers. 

This misstep created uncertainty, confusion and then panic. 

Since markets hate uncertainty, foreign investors in anticipation of an unfriendly and or uncertain economic environment started fleeing and in doing so took their money with them. 

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