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61 Senators co-sponsor motion to resuscitate dead, dying industries


As part of the 8th Senate’s strides to develop the local economy, today, 61 Senators co-sponsored a motion to urgently seek the resuscitation of collapsed and ailing industries in Nigeria.

We are all convinced that in order to achieve a sound economy, it is important and necessary that Nigeria’s ailing manufacturing entities be revived and sustained.

In this regard, in its legislative capacity, the Senate will continue to work to create a more business-friendly environment that allows our local businesses to thrive and promote investor confidence.

Few weeks ago, I gave an exclusive interview of what the Senate has been able to achieve under my leadership and what Nigerians can expect from us.

Please follow the link for the 17 minutes interview. Long, but I hope it will be worth your time.


Abubakar Bukola Saraki

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