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99 pains of Abia state under Governor Okezie Ikpeazu


99 PAINS OF ABIANS UNDER IKPEAZU: One More Count And The State Will Sink



It has been vehemently alleged, and it is in the air everywhere that Victor Okezie Ikpeazu, and his Godfather- T.A.Orji, have submerged Abia, God’s own state into these heart-turmoiling pains.

The information was generated freely around the state firstly from the Sampling of the openion of Abians and Abia residents who declared that they are in offices where they have access to the information. Others were sourced randomly from people who claim to be close to or related to(by diverse means)those who are aware of or were witnesses to the alleged 99 Pains that Abians are going through.

The report alleged that we have one count left to reach 100 which is the peak and which will mean the total sinking of Abia. They are revealed by patriots who are praying for God’s intervention so that Abia does not experience that one more count that will lead the state getting drowned

1. Under pretense of joint account, he greedily collects every kobo from LGs every month, monies that could have been used to develop to local government areas, and LGs are collapsed.

2. T.C Chairmen sign to have collected the whole money but they only get the amount for or even less than the wage bill and the rest are siphoned. 

3. Local governments whose money they siphon do not even get at least their salaries every month. They are owed several months of salaries; allowances are now a thing of the past.

4. They do balloting for YES or NO for a local government whose money has come from Abuja, to know if they will be paid that month or not and it goes on till the day you pick YES.

5. Ikpeazu keeps appointing T.C Chairmen indefinitely because as appointees they will not question how their money is being siphoned and no hope in sight as to when election will be done at all.

6. Ministry of Agriculture which used to buy the fertilizer and sell to farmers at subsidized rate no longer does so. Contractors now handle it so they don’t care about how farmers thrive.

7. Government claim to buy farm inputs including seedlings and cart away millions and the commissioner endorses this just to be compensated with a stipend out of the millions he covers.

8. After elections & key appointments (commissioners and few advisers)appointment letters for S.As & other offices are being given secretly only to his Ngwa & Obingwa kinsmen on daily basis.

9. Abia Poly, within this short tenure of Ikpeazu has recruited numerous staff without waver as almost all of them are either from Obingwa or any other clan of Ngwa extraction.

10. Non-existent contracts are issued out on daily basis and the papers made up by the leadership of the school for several hundreds of millions carted away through Ikpeazu’s personal aids.

11. Both academic and non-academic staff of the school are owed several months salaries and allowances while the money is being provided for in the budget but is misappropriated.

12. Key positions in the school which are supposed to be strictly academic positions have been contemptuously politicized and reserved for either Ikpeazu’s Ngwa kinsmen or his political  puppets who are ready to ‘play ball’. 

13. Education in general has suffered tremendously, Scholarships abroad meant to drive  science & Technology and secure our future is a thing of the past as they only sponsor few of their own children & relatives (instead of students who distinguished themselves with excellent performances in those areas).

14. Salary for Teachers in secondary & primary schools now sounds like a fairy tale. Anyday the kind ones among the teachers teach any class, the students excitedly get back home to tell everyone that they studied  that day. It becomes a nice school day.

15. Most of the male teachers are now doing odd jobs like: riding keke-knapep, riding okada, learning and practicing menial jobs like carpentry, bricklaying, clearing of farmlands for farmers to pay them on day-job basis so that their children could have something to eat etc.

16. The female teachers are now  complete market women, visiting daily village markets, selling wares like fruits, groundnut, vegetable, fairly used cloths popularly called okirika etc.

17. If you see men and women sitting on their goods in 911 trucks from the North or at village markets, do not be surprised to hear that majority of them are teachers. Won’t they eat?

18. Many of the teachers who refused to teach their students in public schools because they are not being paid have taken part-time teaching job with private schools where they are paid at the end of the month so that at least they can have something to eat, even though the private schools pay them stipends.

19. Lecturers in higher institutions, who are owed several months have a solution- they now exploit students on handouts & sorting just to survive. It is now ‘Get A Grade As You Pay’.

20. Education secretaries who were ab-initio managers & supervisors of schools in LGAs are now mere figure heads because government siphons every kobo so they have no dime left to work.

21. Ministry of Information is now dead as it now has no active parastatal or agency so all that the commissioner does is  sycophantic praise-singing to the Governor and his wife.

22. The state radio station, the Broadcasting Corporation Of Abia(BCA) does not write its own News. They get their news prepared straight from government house. 

23. The chief Of Staff to the Governor or any of the governor’s political allies, whether educated or not, edits the news at government house before it is sent to BCA for broadcast

24. Anyone that tries directly or indirectly to question or refuses to key into this practice, in the bid to keep to professionalism, is punished or transferred out of the corporation.

25. As the government’s arsenal against opposition, the government uses the station to abuse political opponents, with the kinds of gutter languages that only touts in motor parks can use.

26. On BCA News, you expressly hear government officials  calling names outrightly on opponents of their pay-master, against the ethics of the profession which demands decency.

27. Ofcourse, the moment the script arrives from office of the chief of staff Government House to BCA, it goes straight to the radio room and no one dare edits it, so all you hear are abuses against opponents.

28. The Secretary To State Government (SSG) once brought a News Script himself & when the BCA staff on duty told him that his superior must edit it before broadcast, what he got was a hot slap. Investigate this in BCA!

29. No more Cultural festival by Ministry of culture & tourism like before. E.g  Ugwu Abia festival, which use to be a colourful cultural cannival.

30. Commissioner For women Affairs does not embark on patriotic programmes which impact lives of our women and children like we see other states.

31. The commissioner herself hears that huge sums of money running into several hundreds of millions is being allocated to her ministry but she does not know how a dime of it is spent.

32. She is  almost like a P.A to the Governor’s wife. Ofcourse you can now tell whose purse the millions meant for her ministry goes to- the governor and his wife.

33. The women affairs commissioner follows the Governor’s wife about, represents her in burials, weddings etc

34. She is not allowed to carry out her constitutional duties, instead all she does is attend ceremonies with the governor’s wife or represent her in events on daily basis, including naming ceremonies.

35. All that Ministry Of Transport does is to send agents to each of the numerous unofficial motor parks & collect their percentages of the money raised by touts.

36. The supposedly official levies and fees paid by motorists are not accounted for, the government officials share the monies among themselves, and send the governor’s own share to him through his trusted aid.

37. Ofcourse none of the said parks in Abia where they aggressively raise money has the ground where they operate tarred with coal tar or even the local cement kind of floor tarring.

38. Judiciary as an organ of government gets its own money for salaries and other concerns straight from Federal allocation but the Governor grabs it and pays their staff whatever pleases him.

39. From the money, he gives about 30million to Chief Judge & 10million to President, Customary Court of Appeal monthly. They each give out about ten to twenty percent of the sum to their principal officers to share and pocket the rest.

40. Ofcourse the two principal judges still get their salaries & allowances both from state & the federal government so they  keep quiet over the impoverishment of other staff who don’t even have materials to work with.

41. On sports, Umuahia township stadium is only better than the field of community primary school of my village only in size; the stadium is a sorry site to behold.

42. In the state, not even a single state-arranged sports activity of any kind is ongoing so Abia is down on the floor when it comes to sports.

43. Commissioner for finance is more like the governor’s  personal financial controller who does not go through any due process in dealing with issues of finance so long as the governor wants the money. 

44. He must be ready to do exactly as he is instructed concerning the state’s funds without asking questions.

45. The Accountant General has the obligation of retiring every money the governor collects and feeds the various files with documents in this regard. 

46. When the governor collects five hundred million naira for instance, the Accountant General should not ask what it is meant for, instead he should get into his office, lock his doors and task his brains to make out fictitious expenses to write off the five hundred million naira and ‘make up the papers’ as it is called.

47. He also puts together every authorization, knowing their various in-house sources and beneficiaries.

48. The Cashier recognizes confidants of the governor and aids who carry out special duties such that the moment they come with their heavy cheques, he pays immediately without due process, knowing who sent the aid.

49. The Director Of Finance of Government House is more like a rubber stamp and finance messenger. All he does are to sign his columns as stipulated by the rules, organizes files as instructed and moves around to banks as instructed to carry out specific duties.

50. These finance officers, starting from the commissioner to the lowest one are just messengers who do not take any decision on their own.

51. Come to Government House whenever allocation comes in; these are the people you will see: aids of former Governor’s family & that of Ikpeazu, with cheques & P.Vs carting away free money onbehalf of their masters.

52. Owners of shops in old timber market were chased out by Ikpeazu’s mentor and former governor(T.A.Orji) without compensation and the very vast land was shared among themselves.

53. Portions were given to friends of T. A. Orji and Ikpeazu who did one favour or the other for them. A cogent example was the case of a part of the land given to Olisa Metu who single-handedly maneuvered and gave the PDP ticket to Ikpeazu in the primaries of December 2014. 

54. The old auto spareparts market Umuahia was taken from the owners without any form of compensation and they were chased to the expressway where not even a single infrastructure was put in place. It’s like a desert, yet every other day the occupant-mechanics are being chased about every day for revenue. Some of the owners of these plots got them when Ikpeazu and T.A.Orji were still  in primary school.

55. The old Umuahia main market was their next conquered territory. The owners, most of whom are gray-haired men and women were chased away by former Governor to the new site. They were neither given replacement of land nor availed any other form of compensational arrangements.

56. The painful aspect of the story is that most of them are old men and women who take the rent from those shops as their own kind of pensions. When they automatically lost the shops, many of them died of HBP or stroke as they had no other source of livelihood.

57. They cried, wrote letters, complained, peacefully protested, made passionate pleas, but to no avail. Ikpeazu who also is a principal beneficiary of the deal is now the one taking every form of steps possible to protect it while the people are suffering.

58. The sites were shared among T. A. Orji’s family, few members of his kitchen cabinet, friends of the former Governor like Olisa Metuh & the present Governor who is now protecting the deal.

59. On road construction, just visit Umuahia and drive like you are going to Government house; you will see that even the road on which the Governor drives daily to office has deep potholes and trenches.

60. For roads in Aba- commercial nerve center of Abia & Ariara Market, the story is a pathetic one; Aba residents are really in pains. 

61. The once largest & most visited market in west Africa has been losing business men and women every other day because of the zero infrastructure there and the consequent low sales.

62. All you need to do to understand what we are saying is to turn on your internet, type “Pictures of Aba roads” on Google and feed your eyes with a bad food for the eyes.

63. All parts of the commercial city are buldozered as if there is any intention to do the roads but soon after collecting and sharing the money with the governor, the contractor runs away with no signs of a come-back.

64. Consequently, most of the roads are not accessible at all, so Aba residents trek or drive very longer distances to get to their homes which might just be a few poles away.

65. For some of the roads that can not be accessed at all,  the houses there have been deserted by former tenants who had no options than to do so, and the buildings some of which are three and four story buildings, turned out to be free homes for rats, reptiles and other wild animals.

66. No road construction work  is on-going in any part of Abia as at press time & no other project of any kind is even on planning stage in Abia.

67. In some communities across the state, they government issued out contract papers to their companies, moved to site to deceive the people that something would be done and even pulled down people’s houses or fences. They also worsened the roads and left them that same way such that the villages are feeling the pains of hell here on earth in efforts to access their homes.

68. Ikpeazu immediately pays the contractors (their own companies) who immediately go from behind to return the money to them.

69. No work whatsoever is ongoing yet contract papers and cheques are being given out on daily basis to faceless companies and stand-for-me organizations.

70. DO WE HAVE ELDERS? Such a good question! 

71. We have those we can call ‘elders in age’ but whom we know as killers of our land in behavior because of their greed and unrivalled wickedness.

72. The Government House’s list for greasing the palms of the said elders happened to get into the hands of the public from aids who do the payments but who are not happy with the on-goings.

73. See a tip of what the list has: 

    (a)Chief T. A. Orji (former governor & Ikpeazu’s godfather)Plus one 

quarter of the security vote which is the refund of the cost 

of sponsoring Ikpeazu’s election.                                 ——————— 250,000,000

          (b)Eng. Chinedu Orji (son of T.A.Orji & the man who chose Ikpeazu)  ——- 100,000,000

            (c)Mrs Odochi Orji (Wife of T. A. Orji)                  ———————   40,000,000

           (4)Chief Vincent Ogbulafor                                               ———————  30,000,000 

   (5)Chief Adulphus Wagbara                                           ———————  30,000,000 

   (6)Chief Ojo Maduekwe                                                 ———————-  25,000,000                            

   (7)Chief Onyema Ugochukwu                                       ———————-  25,000,000  

   (8)Senator Enyi Abaribe                                               ———————— 25,000,000  

   (9)Prof. S. O. Igwe                                                      ———————–   15,000,000  

               (10)Ambassador Empire Kalu                                      ————————-15,000,000  

               (11)Senator Mao Ohuabunwa                                       ————————15,000,000  

               (12)Col Austine Akobundu rtd                                         ————————10,000,000 

                (13)Chief Mrs Victoria Akanwa                                     ———————— 10,000,000  

                (14)Chief …………..…………………….

The list continues to the 44th person in the list who gets N5, 000,000 which is the least amount in that long list. Abomination!!!

74. Traditional rulers have become ‘errand men’. None of them could say a word in form of advising the government aright or telling them where they are not getting it.

75. The state chairman of Abia State Council Of Traditional Rulers-Eberechi Dick, who is also the South East chairman is called at will & directed to join in solidarity march for the Government.

76. Sure, you are ofcourse shocked each time you see Abia traditional rulers on the television actively doing politics by supporting the government of Ikpeazu and loudly speaking against and even abusing in most cases, the opponents of Ikpeazu.

77. When youths & student bodies attempted to start the Aluta Continua move, the elders held their evil meeting & reasoned:“we must do something with these youths before they finish us”

78. Once in a while they invite the youths for meetings and hold lavishly organized meetings. To achieve the overall objective, the elders choose the oratory brand among them to speak to the young stars. 

79. Ofcourse, they promise that efforts to better their lives are in the pipeline and present to them beautiful templates that will portray a picture that the lives of the youths will soon be better.

80. They garnish it all, part with a few millions & when they leave, the youths start fighting during money-sharing. Evil elders laugh!


81. In the same manner a man can share his landed assets to his sons when he gets old or in the same way kings share empires for peace, they have shared the money-minting agencies and commissions.

82. Abia State Environmental Protection Agency ASEPA is to be collecting & disposing waste. The Governor got that Agency so every month he collects money meant for the job and siphons it.

83. Abia State Universal Basic Education Board ASUBEB, which controls schools is former Governor T. A. Orji’s share; money meant for the board passes bus stops but ends in his pocket.

84. Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs, which diverts allocations for local governments through joint account is T. A. Orji’s second share so his cousin, Charles Ogbonnaya is at the helms there.

85. Local Government Service Commission is the share of T. A. Orji’s wife. It is easy for her to get good allocation as her husband(T. A. Orji) is the owner of the Ministry Of Local Government.

86. Abia State Road Maintenance Agency ABROMA, is the share of the Deputy Governor hence he brought his P.A, one Ndukwe to head the Agency and bring back the his returns from the booty.

87. Abia Line Transport Corporation is the share of the ex Governor’s son. Ofcourse, Ugochukwu Uwaeke his friend who was holding the office in last government is still holding sway for him.

88. The Governor is in charge of every other Ministry, Department, Agency, Commission & Parastatal. Whatever he gives one from them is an added favour.

89. For repayment of billions his boss used to sponsor his election, he parts with a quarter of his security vote monthly & it is to continue till the end of his first tenure.

90. The Governor has the rest of the security vote, has returns from heads of various agencies, has monies his agents kick back to him through cheques for non-existent contracts.

                     IKPEAZU’S NEW ASSETS

91. Little wonder the Governor who before his swearing in, did not have a house except the one horridly built for him by his mentor during campaigns, now has mansions in nations of the globe.

92. The firsts were the ones in Maryland & in Texas of the U.S, then a palatial home in U.K, and later his twin-towers  in Dubai where he told a close friend he would host a party by December.

93. Afterwards he returned home to buy the ones in Lagos, Porthacourt, Jos & Enugu. The one in Porthacourt is in the same street with one of the properties of T. A. Orji in Rivers.

94. He then moved to South Africa to buy a Mall. As he was concluding the deal, the same property agent took him to buy a mega property in Ghana at a comparatively fair price.

95. The property-crazy Governor just took interest in a Wonder-Property in Abuja and was to go and see the property(at night as usual) the weekend the court sacked him.

96. In a chart with someone close to him in June, he declared that he never thought in his whole life that God will ‘bless’ him with this speed and in this magnitude.


97. Little wonder why he maximizes his leisure times in club & wild parties where he requests for between 5 to 10 ladies who render their services individually & collectively.

98. Ofcourse the marital status of the lady does not count hence at one of those paradise moments, the husband of one of the women(on a tip off), was right on time at Abia lodge and waited patiently till his wife who was to be in an official meeting in Porthacourt walked out smiling broadly and she was caught. The understanding that settled the matter after a not-good-to-behold drama cost our amorous Governor and of course our dear state a fortune, precisely in dollars right there and then.

99. If this count clocks one hundred, Abia, God’s own state might sink hence the prayer of all Abians for God’s urgent intervention.

Will this ever end??? Only God can bring an end to this and rescue Abia state.

Further efforts are in progress to source more causative and consequential information that are related to the above facts of the alleged pains that are being visited on Abians by Okezie Ikpeazu and T. A. Orji’s Family.

C. C. Chukwuemerie

Writing From Umuahia, Abia State.

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