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A Call For “Coalition Of The Willing” — Adesina Fagbenro-Byron (KOWA)


The 2019 elections is a very critical event in the life of, Nigeria. The elections have the capacity to make or mar our chances at survival as a nation.

Kowa Party is at the forefront of efforts at a coalition of political parties that intend to unlock good governance in Nigeria, restructure the political economy  and decisively deal with endemic social inequality, exclusion and poverty.

Taking a deep look at the political landscape and drawing from my interactions and engagements across the nation as Presidential candidate for KOWA Party in the 2019 elections, we all need to humble and subject ourselves to a coalition of the willing, to offer Nigeria its best.

Nigerians may be determined to vote out the present party in power as a result of perceived abysmal performance and a nonchalant attitude to issues of human development and accountability ,but, the Nigerian masses have not forgiven the PDP 16yrs of past carelessness, wasted opportunity and inpunity seeing no evidence that it has learnt any lessons in the interest of the nation from their 2015 defeat.

The Nigerian youth are particularly disappointed with the main opposition party and it’s past records of corruption and many still hold them responsible for a large portion of the problems that this present administration inherited. The masses however have seen quite clearly that APC has great difficulty in providing the capacity, inclusiveness and direction to lift Nigeria out of poverty and prevent her from becoming an irredeemably failed state.

On the other hand, Nigerian voters are not yet convinced that any of the new political parties, on their own, can unseat the incumbent and defeat the main opposition. To give the voters a choice they will consider worthy,  the coalition talks must work. The success of coalitions depends on political will, transparency, credibility of processes etc.

Flag bearers should place the good of the nation ahead of personal ambitions and commit to building a virile, credible and viable alternative that can indeed serve as the 3rd Force to give Nigeria a fighting chance at survival post 2019. Promoters of this should therefore share with the candidates, the Nigerian public and political pundits what they think should be guidelines to choosing a peoples alternative.

Adesina Fagbenro-Byron (SFB)

Presidential Candidate KOWA Party

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