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A citizen’s mail to President Buhari


I use this medium to congratulate you for resuming duty after your return from the short sojourn to the United Kingdom for rest and medical attention. Each day you were away was remembered with events that recounted your high spirit for Nigerians and their high expectations from you. You hosted many prominent Nigerians in London. You called many prominent Nigerians inquiring about situations and encouraged those who nearly lost faith in your leadership. You rejoiced with those who had fortunes by additional age and birth and condoled with those who lost beloved ones. You talked with the presumed greatest man on earth, the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump and also the King of Morocco, Muhammad VI. These are the ones I can recall. Your trip from January 19 to March 10 2017 was, I can surmise, a technical maneuver to know those who wish you and the country good and vice versa.  

God has always saved you. He will continue to be with you as you remain on the path of development, justice and fairness. Surely, it is He who gives life and terminates it whenever He wishes. The sicknesses associated with the hot seat in Aso Rock villa can be cured. And a strong believer that you are, you are aware that God tempts much more those He loves more. And Nigeria, being the most complex society in the world where crimes had thrived in elevated proportion, you must expect greater challenges. Fighting evil has never been a child’s play.    

In your absence, some things changed in such ways that ardent supporters of your administration began to think that certain groups in Nigeria are feeling neglected and ignored. Some distractions which were heaped up before your journey by some groups and the stiff oppositions by strong individuals suddenly came to a halt. Nearly all the civil disturbances, save the Kaduna political brouhaha, frizzled out. This was quite an indication that the some strong media outfits played double. Religious groups and entities that used to exaggerate matters; groups and personalities who used to gloat at every misfortune in the country suddenly became calm. Politicians who used to manipulate every happening and attach religious undertone to it suddenly discovered love for the government because you were not there.       

Killings across Nigeria, though mitigated, were not given religious colorations. Those who were press-friendly in turning every major event in Nigeria in religious direction seemed to have gone into hiding. Kidnappers had brief holidays. Destruction of oil facilities in the Niger Delta were hardly heard of. It was like the militants had declared a ceasefire. The arms ad ammunitions recently surrendered by the militants of the Niger Delta are amazing. The warlords of the delta seemed freer than ever before. Biafra agitators seemed to be heaving sign of relief especially as their presumed leader, Kalu Ndubuisi, was cleared of six of the many charges slammed against him. Yet, he seems to be swimming across alone. The Boko Haram terrorists, despite concerted efforts, are still killing our soldiers and citizens. Each time we hear that those behind the dreadful group are known, but no single prominent sponsor has been apprehended or even publicized. From time to time, a list of the wanted terrorists is published; no list of sponsors has ever been made public. They are not ghosts, anyway. 

Many citizens showed their sincere love and solidarity. The hypocrisy and false loyalty from others were exposed. The minutiae in governance became more intriguing as party loyalists were divided between the macabre and the opportunists. Mankind is a composite of funny creatures, indeed. The higgledy-piggledy combustion of warring interests depicted existence of more terrible blocks of cabals. Now that you are back, they will reposition to make governance more difficult and the masses more miserable.  

Nonetheless, one thing that was evident was the miracle of the prayers which patriots offered for you. At least, your supporters did well in this regard in every state of the federation. As a president of the masses, empowerment of the masses should be the primary focus as you settle down to work. You have seen and heard all that transpired in your absence. A spectator often sees better than a player on the field. But as a believer, ensure thorough verification before judgment and therapeutic measures.     

Justice and fairness in the administration of Nigeria which you are instituting are great challenges. I urge you to carry every component of the Nigerian state along in the constitution of your full-fledged government – when appointing Nigerians into boards of federal agencies and parastatals. If you can muster the political will to break the jinx, I enlist that those neglected ethno-religious minorities feature prominently in your government. This will be to the glory of God and in the interest of equity, fairness and humanity. You can do it.


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