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A clarion call to the citizens of Bauchi state in regards to the local governments election

By Kassim A. Gamawa


As the citizens of Bauchi state are preparing to go to the polls today to elect their respective Local Government Chairmen and Ward Councillors here are what we need to know and observe before, during and even after polls.

Well, the right to vote is inseparable from the right to participate in public life. Through voting, you can choose the candidate who will work on the issues you care most about. Voting helps steer policies that affect both the future direction of our societies and daily lives as well.

As a citizen in a democracy, its pertinent to know that its your civic right to choose and cast your vote for a candidate that has the best plans and policies to solve the problems that effect your society.

When choosing a candidate let us not focus choice based on religion, political party, ethnicity, place of origin or tribal differences. Let’s look beyond the personalities, qualities, and track records of the candidates. So let’s always our decision and votes be based on substantive issues.

Similarly, another sensitive issue that we need to be very careful about it is the issue of vote buying and selling. Buying and selling vote leads to reduced government accountability, decreases trust in politics, and increases corruption among politicians. So let’s stop and shun away from this illicit acts please.

Finally, let us remember and bear in our minds that our political power lies in our vote, and our vote is our voice. If we sell our votes, then we are essentially selling our future.

“Let’s all support a healthy, peaceful and free and fair election”.

KASSIM ABUBAKAR GAMAWA aka (Comrade) is a young concerned activist who always stands, supports and advocates for good governance and a better democratic society for all. Writes from Gamawa Local Government, Bauchi state, Nigeria.

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