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A contrast of Fayose’ detailed informed Budget with Obiano’s


Just take your time to read Fayose’ detailed informed Budget 2016 proposal and Weep for Anambra State’s Worthless Paper submitted by Gov Obiano as Budget proposal without any Budget required information.

We must be concerned as Anambra heads to another failed Budget like previous budgets under Gov Obiano.


Gov Fayose presenting Ekiti State 2016 budget to the House of Assembly

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose presents the 2016 Budget to the House of Assembly .

-This is a budget of reality.

-A copy of the budget is to be forwarded to EFCC as well as ICPC so they can monitor budget performance.

-Year 2015’s ‪#‎80b‬ budget attained 70% implementation

**Year 2016 budget size is #67.044b with revenue to be derived from the following:

1. Federal Allocation #26.5b

2. Internally Generated Revenue #9.8b

3. VAT #5.8b

4. Capital Receipt 24.8b.

** Recurrent expenditure is to gulp ‪#‎42b‬(67%)

Breakdown of Recurrent Expenditure goes thus:

Personnel cost #7.9b

Other Charges ‪#‎2b‬

Grants to Parastatals #16.9b

Transfer to other funds #2.9b

Consolidated revenue fund charges #12.26b

-Capital Expenditure #24.9b(33%)

Breakdown for Capital Expenditure goes thus under the following sectors:

Economic Sector #14.9b

Social Services #1.5b

Environmental ‪#‎1b‬

Administrative Sector #3.9b

TOF Capital #4.27b

-It’s a season of cutting our coat according to our cloth

-Payment of workers’ salary remains top priority

-The government has no regret that bulk of the money that comes into the state goes into workers’ salary payment

-Ekiti will neither downsize nor reduce the minimum wage

-Ekiti will not be a part of any policy that will take away food from the common man

-Everyone in the state is urged to go into peasant farming (at least) to cushion effects of the present economic downturn

-Government to make farm banks available to the people for easy accessibility of farmlands

-EKHA members urged to lead by example by venturing into farming thereby encouraging their constituents

-Government will in Year 2016 provide palliative and support for the less privileged at #5000 each for 10,000 people

-The government will only embark on projects it can complete

-Capital projects marked for kick off in 2016 includes:

1. New Oja Oba (The King’s Market)

2. The fly over project

3. The Airport project

-I assure the people of Ekiti that I am fully dedicated to your service, this budget is your budget

-Payment of tax is a must, Ekiti must not become a failed state as a result of dwindling allocation from Abuja, we must look inward and be determined to make a success of our state, I am happy to tell you that we have reached a reasonable agreement with some sectors of our economy as they have agreed to pay their taxes. The tipper association, meat butchers amongst others

-I appreciate you all for your support.


*You see how Fayose explained how he will raise #67.044billion.

*Our Gov Obiano could not explained how he will raise #101.4billion he intend to spend .

*Fayose mentioned some Target capital Project, Gov Obiano ‘s own was empty .

*Fayose also explained how he will allocate the resources unlike Obiano’s budget .

*Fayose explained how his 2015 budget performed , Obiano dont have knowledge of his 2015 budget and cannot make any statement on it.

*Fayose’s Budget was so open that he will even send copies to EFCC and ICPC for Monitoring of the projects , Gov Obiano’s budget was enshrouded with secrecy that even those in Govt can’t explain about it, talkless of average Ndi Anambra .

*Fayose’s 2015 budget performed up to 70% , Obiano’s 2015 budget performed below 30%.

This is not issue of APC, PDP or APGA; it is a case of poor team or lack of economic/budget team by Obiano.

It is a case of messing up with public fund and endangering the entire state economy in time like this!!!

Chai!!! Another failed Budget in the making in Anambra State in 2016.



Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2015, Abuja, Nigeria

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