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A Covid Nija Poem

Men of the pulpits They are bandits

Covid Nija

Men of the pulpits
They are bandits
We despise armed robbers
They are biblerobbers
We expect entrepreneurs
We got pastorpreneurs
They claim to heal the sick
Corona is killing the sick
You say quarantine
You are Rasputin
Now they have empty churches
Filled with echos, rodents & cockroaches
Persistent demand for tithe
When the economy is tight
Halleluya Jesu they say
We wanna eat we pray
They became philanthropists
When we need miraculists
You talk biblical David
Give answers for oriental Covid
No more social distancing
Give us miracle servicing
Healing school vanishes
Corona punishes
Rhapsody of realities
NCDC moralities
TB 27th march
To the grave we match
Indaboski Pahose
Corona riding us like a horse
Suleiman says the Pope
Covid says no hope
5G 666 conspiracy theory
Oga stop your story
Katsina close the mosque
We turn you to a Barbeque
Inferno on police station
Religion not your jurisdiction
Government and lock-down
No food for the shutdown.
Virus and hunger
We know what brings anger
Covid and hunger
The later brings death faster

My Bible says, this is the end of the matter

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