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A Letter to President Buhari and the 36 State Governors in Nigeria

Buhari meeting with governor


Your Excellences!

Am glad that in our today’s world, which is quite different from the era your coming from has provided very important mediums such as social media and other forms of seamless communication technology, to connect, share and express once ideas and ideals, as respective professionals to any level, be it good or critical article voices are aired on both sides. Am also proud to say am writing directly to the conscience of our leadership cut across APC and PDP, and our beloved country Nigeria, sharing my resounding technology technocracy has become morally important and cognitively seriously, that we address our countries needs head-on and let allowing just anybody or a simple few to sail or carry the huge burden of our beloved country Nigeria. 

To the State Governors first, then the Federal Government. Our economy as we all know today is nose-diving towards directionless trajectory, in spite of whatsoever our “Finance Minister” would do, or say, it still does not negate the fact our “Political Class” are all “Huge Failures”. This is so, except we don’t want to tell ourselves the truth. Am a father, a brother and uncle to many, I fear for the lives of my kids and those who knew me and are dependent of mine, or are related to me in one way or the other, because even at my seemingly moderate level, my wage bill summering affected by the look-worm, carelessly raped, and battered Nigerian Economy we are currently faced with (Sorry Mr. President for the choice of word, but for lack of better word, and for saying the truth as it is, for I knew you as being blunt and would appreciate truth once spoken)

Corruption has battered our country from the days of old till today, while “Political Entrusted Leaders” (PEL) are corruptly carting away our commonwealth, some are busy allocating huge sums to their bosom, for less needed luxury items, some are busy buying houses for their teenage children, while some are busy, hiding monies in various part of the world, shaming their people and placing the lives of their people in a circle of perpetual radicle, despair and unwarranted environmental hazards, such as induced stealing, hunger, 419, drug trafficking, theft, robbery, thuggery, rituals, and so many other social vices. 

You, being the father of the country currently, with the title, Father, President – Pa and General Mohammed Buhari, GCFR, you have traversed several countries seeking solutions to our inimical, obfuscated economy, fighting and travelling like a young CEO, newly employed and trying to please his shareholders by honing his capabilities and skills to turn around a muri bound company, by synthesizing her mechanized and triangulate failure, Mr. Present Sir, I solemnly sympathize with you and our nation.

Back to the business of the day, and chief reason I chose to write you, I wrote to inform all the Leadership, that there is hope for “Change & Solution for Change”. Your Excellency’s the hope for Change in killing and “Poisoning Corruption” In Nigeria, and alleviating the Standard of life of the Nigerian people is “Technology, and the Solution for Change is Technology”, and elixir for national self-reliance is Technology. 

China became great by Technology, USA became a superpower through Technology and technology education, Europe is famous for her technology education and her technology breakthrough, all through the early days of new discoveries they all thrived in technology before other sectors, a good study of “Great Nations” would unveil the “Genetic Code” that was reversed before development streamed in. O! President even UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other top world countries all are leveraging on technology. There is a need for us as a country with great “Geniuses” to stop the bleeding of our country by coming together to do the right thing. 

Mr. President! This is just the beginning of a “SERIES” of Letters I shall Be Addressing to You, For Consideration, with regards to TECHNOLOGY…!



CC: The Presidency 

CC: The Senate President

CC: The State Governors

CC: The State Houses of Assembly

CC: All Federal Ministers

CC: The Chairman FIRS

CC: All Bank Managing Directors

CC: The Nigerian Military

CC: The Nigerian Police

CC: The Nigerian Custom

CC: The Head of Service




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