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A piece of advice to the newly appointed IPOB African representative ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke

Firstly, it is absolutely within my scope as a Biafran journalist to investigate and express a selfless opinion regarding activities of all including the rogue franchise and legitimate Biafran groups. Journalism is a boundless business even though I have compacted myself to fill in for Biafran nation alone. I see it as a moral duty to checkmate and balance activities of all the Biafran groups; my objective is to disseminate information, while it is the choice of the people to make a better decision.

The newly appointed IPOB African representative must accept my message with a pinch of salt; he can disregard it publicly or react negatively to prove his loyalty but one thing that must be done is, before he sleeps, when he is alone, he should read carefully and slowly between the lines. He should reflect; reason and rationalize; then in the morning, he should go about his business like he did not even see my piece of advice.

Before morons and idiots start saying this piece is a product of jealousy; I want to make it clear that I am not jealous of the IPOB African representative. I am more popular than him; I see money than he does, I am more exposed, I am more connected, I have more experience, I am more educated and above all, I am more informed than him. Practically; there is nothing in this world to be jealous of, I am dishing out this advice to him with every ounce of sincerity.

The reason I decided to drop this advice is to forestall what happened with my good friend and great columnist Russell Bluejack, he is a wonderful character, a dedicated person but after his fallout with Nnamdi Kanu, he went haywire. I understood he realized Nnamdi Kanu used him for fame and wealth but he allowed emotion had the better of him when he began to be tribal- servicing divide and rule we conquered lately.

I feel very disappointed each time I read Russell write ill of his Igbo brother like me. I am a Biafran and I don’t deserve to be divided because of the treachery of Nnamdi Kanu. The new African Rep. needs to be guided especially because he is Russell’s boy; I know he was tutored by Russell, stalling like father like son situation is the target of this piece.

Nnamdi Kanu knows he cannot restore Biafra and as such; managing or defending his RBL Company is more important than doing things that can help Biafra restoration at the detriment of his RBL. One truth is obvious; Gorge Onyibe could not freely work towards the restoration of Biafra without being under or putting the interest of the limited liability company first in everything. That protocol was broken when he formed watchmen and dare speak his mind. I felt Nnamdi Kanu was supposed to have known that having one crisis or another with Southsouth leaders in his IPOB is passing a wrong signal. But he doesn’t care; as far as RBL is bringing in his monthly money; he is satisfied.

The new African Representative is not more educated than Russell and Onyibe; he doesn’t compare to them, unfortunately, he was not appointed African Representative by merit but used to fill in a cracked wall. It is pertinent I bring to the notice of the new African Representative that he is a fill in. Kanu had issue with Onyibe and brought another to use and show Onyibe that he is indeed a supreme leader. The new African representative should know he is just another pawn in a game of chess; to fill the space and protect the king.

The new African Representative was not appointed to accomplish any objective; he was not appointed because of his potentials, he was not appointed because there was need for him, rather, he was appointed to be used as arrow that finally pierced Gorge Onyibe’s heart. Nnamdi Kanu is not rejoicing that he appointed a substance; rather, he is rejoicing that he has shown Gorge Onyibe that he is the big boss and owner of IPOB.

Finally; the new African representative should understand the game; stay low, scavenge for his own pocket with a cool head, don’t kill to please the traitor, don’t inherit his enemies, don’t fight anyone, don’t burn down any bridge because treachery is a curse upon Nnamdi Kanu and he must show you that side of him. Don’t try to do anything that will restore Biafra; you were appointed to be loyal to Nnamdi Kanu and not to contribute your quota. The best way to survive in IPOB is to praise and worship Nnamdi Kanu; keep your brain at home, you don’t need it in IPOB.

I am saying this because I want you to survive; don’t wake up one day and try to be yourself, in IPOB it is command and control. If Nnamdi Kanu sleeps with your wife; if he commands you to shut up, you must do it before any other thing. Welcome my able African Rep.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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