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A Poem for Former Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi


He read English Language. 

Never worked for one day.

Never did business for one day.


Rivers state gave him an opportunity to serve the state at the state assembly.

Rivers state gave him another chance and made him a speaker.

Rivers state struggled and gave him the state by making him governor.

Rivers state voted for and gave him a second term.

Rivers state loved him and still love him.


He stopped working for Rivers state.

He started working for APC.

He started diverting Rivers state money.

He had an ambition.

He was doing everything to achieve it.

He began to withdraw from the treasury.

He withdrew.

He withdrew.

He took loan.

He took loan.

He impoverished the state.


Rivers state began to complain.

Rivers state began to lament.

Rivers state began to lack.

Rivers state began to cry.

Rivers state lost its pride.

Rivers state became empty.

Rivers state became pained. 


Strangers came in.

Strangers stole from us

Strangers rape us.

Strangers brought us pains.

Strangers became kings and ruled us.


Strangers began to praise him.

Strangers began to call him sweet names.

Strangers stylishly turned him into a slave.

Strangers made him driver.

Strangers made him bodyguard.

Strangers made him wife escort. 

Strangers made him enemy to his people.


They needed 100%

They got 80% from him.


Now, he waits for his compensation.


Rivers state is waiting and watching as the Senate do their work.

By Frimabo West

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