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A Psycho-Analysis of MURIC Leader- Ishaq Akintola

By Lukman Animashaun


The leader of Muslim Rights Concern, (MURIC) has been battling to defend his image after reports that he collected some 200,000 dollars from extremist Islamic groups rented the social media. What is important is not only whether the allegations are true or not, the DSS should investigate thoroughly, but that Akintola fits into the narration of a violent extremist.

Akintola claims he defends Muslims, but he does not appreciate the fact that religion in the South West, his ancestral home is not a dogma. Is he aware that Pastor Adeboye, leader of RCCG and Nasrul-lahi-li Faith Society of Nigeria founded by Murtada Akangbe are best of friends? Every home in Yorubaland, there is a Muslim and a Christian and a traditional worshiper. This is the beauty of Yoruba civilization expressed in the common saying, Oluwa lo mon eni ti ohun sin ohun—Only God knows his true faithful. This is why MURIC will never grow in Yorubaland but remains a tiny, Taliban group that spits on the faces of everyone including true Muslims.

Here, I attempt a psycho-analyisis of Akintola using 7 variables

MURIC makes statements that are patently untrue. He appears to suffer from truth-phobia. For him, money and fame can be made through disloyalty to your own people, their history, their heritage. Akintola is a liar, a pathological one. His group fabricates unfounded statements to gain the attention of the Fulani North who though may not be members of MURIC but delight in the fact that MURIC represents its interests in the South. MURIC’s statements are similar to that of Shekarau. This was how Mohammed Yusuf, the Boko Haram founder began, by fanning religious discord. For instance, MURIC said Amotekun was created to fight Muslims. What an irresponsible statement. He went ahead saying Amotekun in Osun discriminates against Muslims. In reality, the Governor of Osun is a Muslim. The commander of Amotekun in Osun, Shittu Amitolu is a Muslim. The Governor who left Osun in 2015 is a Muslim. So, where is the truth in Muslim’s propaganda?

Akintola likes publicity, very cheap ones.Since his intellectual power is not enough to compete in the realms of clear thought and logic, he rather resorts to gaining attention through false raising alarm-the irony of fame through treachery. Imagine, he said Ogun State Government discriminates against Muslims, he fails to substantiate his statement. Thank God a Muslim Professional group in Ogun debunked his spurious claims. Yet Akintola is silent about the fact that at the national level, Nigeria’s top security echelon is controlled by Muslims. He is silent that the most prominent Yoruba politician today, Ahmed Tinubu is a Muslim.Akintola who struggles to show that he is the APC spokesperson, has done a lot of damage to APC and President Mohammadu Buhari’s image.

He claims that he has been receiving death threats. This is a tactical means of fund raising. Death threats from who? Who really cares about a banditry organization that diminishes the image of Islam and tarnishes the reputation of Muslims in the South West? This is another clever way for him to raise money giving the impression he is working for his masters under difficult conditions. I urge him to report those threatening him to DSS. Liar !!!

He extended his statement by saying Yoruba Muslims are not for Oodua Republic. Really, who is talking of Oodua Republic? This is another gimmick to seek funds from his Fulani paymasters. The man does not realize that the biggest pan Yoruba movement today, OPC which stands for Oodua self-determination is led by Gani Adams, a Muslim. OLM, another big Yoruba group was led by Rotimi Yaqub Obadofin, another Muslim. Late Dr Fasehun’s OPC is now led by Taofeek Adeyemi, another Yoruba Muslim. The other faction, OPC New Era is led by Rasaq, another Yoruba Muslim. Is Akintola so daft that he does not know majority of self determination Yoruba people and leaders are Muslims? What a pity.

Akintola said Muslims in the South West States are discriminated against, he has failed to supply us with facts and figures. He fails to realize that in Yorubaland, most people put their religion aside when it comes to the political economy.

Akintola speaks about justice, yet he does not see the injustice going on in North where extremists cut pregnant women into pieces and slice unborn babies. Akintola is nothing but a loud-mouthed hypocrite who has no wisdom but bent on building a terrible legacy for his children, assuming he does not care about himself, that future generations of Yoruba will see them and run away from them or shut their doors against them.

Akintola claims he has a wretched office and that he does not collect money from Fulani people, in the same vein, he said Fulani donated money to his organization. Who are these Fulani people? How much was donated to him? What is the money meant for? Akintola claims he is now building a house for MURIC and renovating it in Lagos? Whao. Where did he get the money? Is the money from the 1000 naira he said his members donated to him?

Akintola’s mission is to turn Yorubaland to Beirut, Lebanon, a once peaceful country put asunder by people like Akintola.He is ready to burn down his father’s home and turn the children of the home into orphans. Akintola is definitely destined for hell. True Muslims know that peace is the symbol of Islam. We are not violent.

Akintola’s violent and hate rhetoric is aimed at satisfying his funders, the enemies of true Muslims, the enemies of Yoruba nation, the enemies of peace and the enemies of the progress of Nigeria as a country. In the fullness of time, history will put Akintola in the thrash-bin of history as a violent man who is desperate to see blood flow in Yorubaland, anxious to see Muslims take on Christians. But the Yoruba God, the God of Ibrahim, will put a stop to all his evil plans Nsha Allah.

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