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A Scary Story Involving The Operations Of Special Anti-Robbery Squad – By George Kerley


You could be next… 

Our friend John Anuku has authorized me to tell his story. 

He was with his wife on a weekend retreat at Golden Tulip hotel some weeks back. He excused himself to go and watch the Mayweather cross over fight at Lamborghini night club. 

He became sleepy after 1. 30am and was driving back to the hotel when around Greg Ogbeifun street in GRA, he was flagged down by 4 men of the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS) for they introduced themselves as such in the course of the encounter. They were in plain clothes but wore vests with Police inscription. 

They asked him where he was coming from and as he was trying to explain himself, he was handcuffed firmly and asked go and seat in the middle of the back seat of their Camry Car.

They took his phones and powered them off and told him he fitted the description of a kidnapper they were looking for, he told them to see his identity card in his car and also search his car as the supposed kidnapped woman is not in his car. 

All his plea fell on deaf ears and his reluctance to get completely into the Camry car earned him a very painful machete slap on his knee and when a gun was cocked by his side, followed with threat to kill him, he became really scared. 

They zoomed off with him while one of the Policemen drove his car and followed them, and they kept driving around the city, eventually after much pleading he was told that only N200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand Naira) will earn him his freedom. 

The search for an ATM began from Mummy B road to GRA Junction, then towards waterlines where he was uncuffed and after GTB failed him, another bank ATM was only able to pay him N100, 000.00(One Hundred thousand Naira) which he took to them and informed them that his set limit cannot be exceeded until the next day. 

The money was taken grudgingly and they spun around and drove against traffic back to GRA Junction and released him. 

Johnny scampered to the safety of his wife thoroughly shaken and traumatized. 

I do not believe all members of the SARS are bad but some are and have refused to give up these bad habits and the head must clean up his team as these few bad egg are ruining the contributions of his to making Port Harcourt safe. 

For those of you who claim the complaints of the public are partisan, don’t worry it is coming closer to you.


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