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A Tale Of Two Domestic Violence Cases – Emeka Ugwuonye

2 cases of domestic violence that DPA is dealing with: One is the lady whose husband knocked off her teeth. The other is Mary, lady with case in Auchi.

I want to provide a summary of two cases of domestic violence that DPA is dealing with presently. One is the lady whose husband knocked off her teeth. 

The other is our dear Mary, the lady with a case in Auchi.

You already know how Mary’s case went yesterday. Her husband, who filed the divorce petition, was the one to ask the court to save him from being divorced. 

The court told him to try to find out what Mary wanted and to accept them or else, he is a goner.

The man already had an idea that he probably would not get custody of the kids and would end up paying child support to Mary. 

So, divorce no longer looked attractive to him. We are now helping Mary prepare her settlement terms and conditions.

The good news now is that Mary can be with her children again. Nobody should try to separate children from their mother.

That is a No-No for us in DPA. She bore each of those kids in her womb for 9 months. She has to stay with them. 

DPA believes that the children belong to both their father and mother equally. Neither father nor mother should deny the other access to the children. That is our position.

The case of the woman in Abuja whose teeth were knocked off by her husband is not faring as well as Mary’s case. 

We found out yesterday evening that the police were still colluding with the man to evade justice. 

Therefore, we planned an unpleasant surprise for the police starting from this morning. The woman was fully intimated of what the plan was. 

But last night, the woman called me and asked me to speak with her Pastor.

The Pastor basically wasted my time. It is indescribable the meaningless things he said. 

But apparently the same husband who beat the lady for praying too much and for refusing to abort a pregnancy had gone to hire the woman’s Pastor to plead for him. 

So, this Pastor told me in the name of some Holy Ghost fire to not try any of the things I had planned in order to bring this man to book. 

With the Pastor’s influence, the woman is going to leave things in the hand of God and Pastors. DPA is only here to help those ready to be helped. 

We remain available to help this lady if she is threatened again. Otherwise, we are prepared to leave her with her Pastor.

By Emeka Ugwuonye


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