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A White Wedding Is Neither Scriptural Or Christian ~ Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri, the former media aide to president Goodluck Jonathan has said that white wedding is neither scriptural or Christian.

The US based pastor who is known for his controversial statements said that white wedding is an European affair and if a woman’s family insist on it, the groom should endeavor to tell them that it is the bride’s family that pays for the wedding.

Reno in a statement which has generated debates amongst young Nigerians said,

“Dear African man,

“A White Wedding is neither Scriptural or Christian. From start to finish, it is a European cultural affair. However, if the girl’s family insist on a White Wedding, tell them that in Europe and America, it is the bride’s family that pay for the wedding.

“Research it! It is never the man or his family that pays for a White wedding. I urge you not to take my word for it. Do your own personal research.

“If we must copy, then let us copy all the way. If we implement this, I assure you that the bride’s family will stop making impossible demands.

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