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Abacha Loot: Daily Trust In Trouble Over Libelous Report


Daily Trust Newspaper might have gotten itself into some trouble over a report considered libelous by the federal government lawyer in the United States, Mr. Godson Nnaka as his lawyers have threatened to drag Daily Trust to court unless it retracts its publication and apologises.

According to a letter written to the news medium by the law firm, Daily Trust deliberately and mischievously wrote:

“The group [IPOB – acronym for the Indigenous People of Biafra], through its plaintiff, Godson M. Nnaka and his lawyers, is also seeking payment of 40 per cent of the $550 million Abacha loot.”

Mr. Nnaka’s lawyers stated categorically that “Nnaka, nor any of his lawyers has [or ever had] any link, association or relationship, with the IPOB and/or IPOB’s case, not to talk of being a “plaintiff” in their alleged IPOB’s case”.

He, therefore, mandated Daily Trust Newspaper to:

  • Retract the said report
  • Offer a written apology, and,
  • Fire the reporters that concocted the story.

Failure to do that, Daily Trust will be docked for libel and assassination of character.

See a copy of the letter attached below:

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