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Abba: A community deliberately living in the dark

By Ilokolobia Chukwugozie

Abba community in Njikoka local government council of Anambra State is one community blessed with enormous human potentials and academia. No one will take away from Abba its fortunate blessings in terms of having educated fellows.

Abba truly has sons and daughters learned enough to do know and tell the law. Surprisingly this same supposedly educated community is led by greedy ignorants. This aberrations remains an unfortunate sore on Abba people.

Till 15th Feb 2019 Abba community was in court of law against Ukpo and Ukwulu communities over ownership of a piece of land at their common boundary. The land case lasted for about forty four years and went from State High Court to Court of Appeal and finally to Supreme Court of Nigeria.

As matter of fact Abba lost the case at State High Court Awka in the court of the then Chief Judge of Anambra State Hon Justice Obiora Nwazota rtd. The judgement delivered on 12th Nov 1999 gave the land under dispute to Ukpo and Ukwulu communities.

As at the time of this judgement the land then in dispute was mere farmland. Abba community led by the same greedy ignorants unlawful went into the land on serving Ukpo and Ukwulu communities notice of Appeal and then relocated and erected the infamous Oye Abba market.

These greedy leaders also started encouraging their town’s men to trespass on the land they have lost claims of ownership in the court of law. They sold and collected rents on land belonging to Ukpo and Ukwulu communities as ruled by the court.

At Court of Appeal Abba again lost their appeals and subsequently went to Supreme Court of Nigeria. At the Supreme Court on 15th Feb 2019, the five man panel of justices resolved all the four issues brought to the court for determination against Abba and dismissed their case as well as awarded cost against Abba.

Again their greedy leaders came home with another trick. This time they lied that the Supreme Court ordered trial de novo and as usual got their people to sponsor their unholy movement.

It is a common knowledge that the Supreme Court of Nigeria is the apex court of the nation and its ruling on any case is final. Yet the greedy leaders in Abba community found a way to convince their people against this fact.

Not minding their ploy and tricks Ukpo and Ukwulu communities armed with the Supreme Court judgement and warrant of entry lawfully went into their land and possessed their possession. It is important to note that it came twenty years after the judgment was first delivered.

In other words Ukpo and Ukwulu communities have judgement yet waited for the case to go through all the stages of the court to Supreme Court whereas Abba lost the case and yet went into the land.

Abba community with its false claim of trial de novo went back to State High Court Neni praying the court to pave the way for the case to start afresh. The honourable court of justice after comprehensive study of the Supreme Court judgement affirmed that the land case ended at Supreme Court of Nigeria.

In the words of the court, ” the ruling of Supreme Court is final and its finality is unchallengeable”. The Judge further affirmed that in his exhaustive study of the Supreme Court judgement that the Supreme Court resolved all the four issues brought to the court for determination against Abba and dismissed their case with award of penalties.

The State High Court Neni rightly dismissed their case for trial de novo with another penalty. The stand of the State High Court Neni can only mean and affirm that Ukpo is on the side of the law and has right to possess her land.

Having won her case Ukpo has no reason not to possess her land. Ukpo cannot and will not be stopped from taking over what belongs to them. Not even now the court of law has given them powers.

Abba elites should come home and properly educate their people. Abba elites should remove greedy and ignorant leaders who are bent on making money from their people through unending levies and donations.

Abba elites should fashion a better way for Abba to accept their fate and calmly live as they should. Abba’s continuous name calling and chants of war will never save them or change the law.

Let Abba elites lead the way and tell their people that war will not suit them should the Nigerian nation come after them. The law they disregard is the Nigeria law and the court they disobey is the Nigeria court. Abba should know that the law will take it’s full force if they continue to go against the law.

Prince Arthur Eze remains a peaceful man who wants peace for peace. Till date all his efforts has been on how to secure peace for all. Even as Abba community leaders continue to paint him black, Prince Arthur Eze did not relent in godly and peaceful acts.

At the hit of lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic Prince Arthur Eze sent relief materials to Abba and other neighbouring communities.

Prince Arthur Eze has manitained that he does not need a portion of the land and till now has no portion of the land to himself. He has remained a peace maker and an uncommon philanthropist.

Again I say to Abba community the choice is no longer between violence and non violence but between non violence and non existence. The law is pure and simple, Ukpo is only interested in the law.

Ilokolobia Chukwugozie writes from Isiekwulu

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