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Abba: Azowue Emmanuel The Comic Relief

By Ilokolobia Chukwugozie


Dear Emmanuel, let me massage your ego and dignify you with a response for once. Importantly let me also tell you that I am not into ‘iko onu’ or interested in trivialities like your people.

I have read you and made efforts to get meaning out of your works without success. Yet you keep dragging me to join talks with you. I discuss issues and not personalities as you and your community have always taken up.

It is also a pity that you read my posts with about nine questions and after claiming you will answer them you went off without attempting any. It is obvious you’re running away from the truth. My questions no doubt will open your bag of lies to the world so avoiding them is the safest thing to do.

Nevertheless you can’t hide the truth forever so I will repeat the questions for you again today.

I still expect you to answer them one after the other for the benefit of the reading public.

1. Is the Committee on Communal Dispute Resolution superior to the Court of law particularly the Supreme Court of Nigeria?

2. Can the Abba community tell the public the decision of the State High Court Neni where Abba community went for trial de novo as they claimed the Supreme Court ordered ?

3. What special interest does Abba community have in Anambra State Government’s Committee?

4. Since Abba community has perpetually lost her cases in the courts and refused to accept court verdict will they accept the verdict of the State Committee on Communal Dispute Resolution?

5. Why has Abba community remain in land dispute with all her neighbouring communities?

6. When will Abba community embrace peace and accept verdicts of the court of law?

7. Why is Abba community dancing from pillar to post? Months ago they told us that the case is before State High Court, Neni; today they no longer wants to listen to State High Court Neni but the Committee on Communal Dispute Resolution.

Finally, is Abba community that is asking for white paper today not aware of the Anambra State Government Communal Dispute Resolution Committee and it’s white paper before heading to State High Court Neni?

Why did they not seek for the white before going to State High Court Neni? Why sudden interest in the white paper now?

In addition to these questions kindly tell the public why Awkuzu and Ifitedunu could not bear your community witnesses as the owner of the land in the court ? Also has Abba community been in land dispute with Ifitedunu and Awkuzu?

Mr Emmanuel, your provision of sincere answers to the above questions will help you in the court of public opinion. However Ukpo is law abiding and will continue to abide by all court decisions.

Hon Cornel Ilokolobia writes.

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