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Abba Community Cum Chimamanda Adichie: You Can’t Wake A Dead Man!

By C. C. Ozumba Esq.


The Proponents of Chimamanda Adichie disbelieved me when I said that her (Chimamanda’s) articles with respect to Ukpo and Abba erstwhile land dispute was crisscrossed with fabrics of ignorance, ghost-truths, outright lies and sheer fabrication.

That she turned facts on its head, in an attempt to subvert the immutability of truth and the integrity of history! And that she is permitted to create her own version of reality in the realm of fiction where she has acclaimed expertise.

However, in the legal world, law is guided by facts, and facts are sacrosanct in winning legal battle.

Chimamanda laboured so much with an eye to deceiving the world to believing that the Supreme Court ordered Trial De Novo in the suit in view.

The immutability of truth and the integrity of history which Abba Community and Chiamanda laboured to eggshell has reached crescendo and has been bailed in the alter of truth, as an Anambra High Court sitting in Neni presided over by Hon. Justice Onyinye Anumonye, has ruled that Supreme Court judgment is final and cannot be re-visited or re-heard by any court in the country.

The Judge held that the reliefs sought in the motion by the Applicants contain issues that had already been decided upon by the Supreme Court.

He said: “The ruling of the Supreme Court is final and its finality is unchallengeable,” adding that no court in the country can entertain or rehear such a matter.

Justice Anumonye cited relevant sections of the constitution in relation to the finality of the Supreme Court judgment.

He said the judgment of the Supreme Court on the consolidated matter before the Supreme Court on the 15th February 2019 dealt extensively and exhaustively on the issues in the Ukpo/Abba community case, which forms part of the issues in the motion before the court for Trial De Novo filed by Abba Community.

Justice Anumonye said he had exhaustively looked at the issues canvassed by the applicants and he is of the view that after the Supreme Court judgment of 15th February 2019, all issues relating to the Ukpo/Abba case as contained in the consolidated suit has been permanently laid to rest by the said Supreme Judgment and there is no way any issue related to it can be entertained in any court in Nigeria.

One wonder’s why Abba community cum Chimamanda appealed against Supreme Court judgment in High Court of Anambra State – MADNESS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

In Abba Community, pugnacity is an inheritance, and mendacity is entrenched in their heritage, giving credence to the saying that you cannot completely cure madness, even with the best education!

According to UMU-OBILIGBO, dry bone shall rise again but no bi for person wey Don SAMAKWE”. Ukpo/Abba case is done, dusted and gone into oblivion as Ukpo rocks her victory as a newly wedded wife.

In the run of things, Abba Community awakened hell in order to thwart the course of justice. They tried to instigate communal clashes; Ukpo and Ukwulu did not take the bait.

They craftily tried in the court of law, and failed every step of the way. They stole the trial court’s Record Book to force a re-trial; that also failed.

In this matter (between Ukpo/Ukwulu versus Abba) the constellation of facts, history and folklore is emphatic that the land erstwhile in dispute belongs to Ukpo and Ukwulu.

All competent law courts in Nigeria which adjudicated the issue (from high court to Supreme Court) affirmed that the land belongs to Ukpo and Ukwulu.

Just recently (19/05/2020) an Anambra High Court sitting in Neni presided over by Hon. Justice Onyinye Anumonye, reaffirmed that the erstwhile disputed land between Ukpo versus Abba rightly belongs to Ukpo Community.

Can a Tenant (ABBA COMMUNITY) eject his/her Landlord (UKPO COMMUNITY)? Abba, you are a Tenant to Ukpo and that you will remain.

Ukpo in the victory book again!!!

By C. C. Ozumba Esq.
Legal Adviser, Ukpo Improvement Union

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