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Abba Community Land Dispute: Ukpo Sets The Record Straight [Video]

Abba Land Dispute Against Ukpo: The Incontrovertible Truth

In the attached video, the author highlights the struggle Ukpo Community went through to secure a piece of land it owned from Abba Community, both in Anambra State, after the matter went through all levels of adjudication up through the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

He also exonerated an Ukpo chieftain, Prince Arthur Eze who had been accused of land-grabbing from all allegations levelled against him.

In a previous article, the author, the Legal Adviser of Ukpo Improvement Union, C. C. Ozumba Esq. chided Abba Community for attempting to thwart the course of justice.

In his words, “they tried to instigate communal clashes, [but] Ukpo and Ukwulu did not take the bait.

“They craftily tried in the court of law, and failed every step of the way. They stole the trial court’s Record Book to force a re-trial; that also failed,” Ozumba  noted.

In the latest judgement, an Anambra High Court sitting in Neni presided over by Hon. Justice Onyinye Anumonye, ruled that Supreme Court judgment is final and cannot be re-visited or re-heard by any court in the country.

The Judge held that the reliefs sought in the motion by the Applicants, Abba Community,  contain issues that had already been decided upon by the Supreme Court.

He said: “The ruling of the Supreme Court is final and its finality is unchallengeable,” adding that no court in the country can entertain or rehear such a matter.

Ozumba continued: “In this matter (between Ukpo/Ukwulu versus Abba) the constellation of facts, history and folklore is emphatic that the land erstwhile in dispute belongs to Ukpo and Ukwulu.

“All competent law courts in Nigeria which adjudicated the issue (from high court to Supreme Court) affirmed that the land belongs to Ukpo and Ukwulu.”

“Ukpo in the victory book again!” he concluded.

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